Tuesday, July 29, 2008

we're home

and can't stop playing rockband. after driving 651 miles yesterday, we stayed up into the wee hours of the night playing together, tongues out, foreheads creased in rabid concentration. at one point, around 3 am i believe, i was on vocals for radiohead's "creep" (and we all know how much i love radiohead), with cc jamming on guitar. um, cue mom figure yelling at us to shut the hell up? minus one of those, we just let our neighbors do it instead.

but i'm going to fight through my repetitive stress injuries to put up our last honeymoon post. i'll even make it easier for you this time and put some captions below the pictures. in summary, we had a lovely time. meandering, quiet, full of trees, coffee, and made-up songs. and now we've got the rest of this week in san francisco to rearrange the apartment, catch up with friends, and jam.

to prove we were in seattle. space needle, crazy experience music project building, i think i see frasier hiding?

we ate brunch in a vancouver botanical garden. this is me falling in love with blueberry scones.

i go in for the grab. (please note my t-shirt. it did not leave my body for 6 days.)

sorry, ladies. this one's taken.

cc wearing a ring and eating a scone had to be captured.

i always get really into oranges when they throw me a slice on my plate. a holdover from my bout with scurvy perhaps?

marlon brando.

we cross back into safe waters. phew.

what we saw a lot of for a lot of days.

it's hard to convey in a terrible, drive-by shot like this, but the pacific northwest is dripping with trees. i grew up in new england and thought we knew about green stuffs - but we know nuthin.

we stopped near seattle to shop the outlets. cc bought this crazy cute red (pink?) sweatshirt.

and little red drove us all the way home.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

we've slowed down on the picture front

but wanted to post the blue ox per cc's request. it really is quite attractive, no?

left portland (cute x 900 - mourning the fact cc's company doesn't have an office there) yesterday and headed to seattle, which is startling close. granted, the geography inside my head always differs a great deal from the actual world (my sketch of the midwest states would be pure comedy), but was still surprised by the quick 3 hour drive between the two.

we stopped for coffee at one of the many tiny little shacks that sell it up here and used superhuman strength to turn down a mint cookie blizzard at one of the 12,000 dq's lining the streets. replaced the need with a blueberry nutri grain bar, which really was just as tasty. bitter laugh.

as an important side note, cc loves all these northwestern drivers who seem to think the left lane is a 60 mph cruise control hang out lane, perfect for listening to golden oldies and sipping a shake. loves 'em.

we're on the hotel-rooms-purchased-with-points segment of our trip, so we stayed at the w last night. lovely views of the city, a window-seat-couch that i will desperately try to re-create at home, and wireless that works. had a yummy dinner complete with oregon venison wrapped in bacon, strolled around down to the water, window shopped and coffee drank a bit, loved all the trees.

this morning we woke up to cloudy skies; something tells me this is more rule than exception around here, but i'm not hating. still keeping my eyes peeled for frasier and crew, but no luck yet. maybe we'll see him at brunch. after we eat, we'll start heading up to vancouver, ay?

Thursday, July 24, 2008

we're on a roadtrip, people

and having a lovely time of it. we wanted to take a leisurely, old fashionedy, throwback honeymoon without frantic deadlines and set itineraries and currency converting; just a meandering stroll through the us of a's pacific northwest. we didn't plan much because after all the planning of the big day (which i realize i haven't posted about but i will, i promise, it was wonderful and our best day ever) we just didn't want to. so we threw a bunch of things in our bags, grabbed the camera, grabbed some dc's, and hit the road.

so far we've driven (on mostly narrow and very windy roads) up to mendocino, visited my favorite fictional town, coasted along the oceanside, through the redwood forest, through a big tree, across the oregon border, through many pancakes, slept in a super 8, slept in a small wolf-decor cabin, bought some mom underwears, sung along with willie nelson, sung along with boyz 2 men, sat on a giant boot (which SPOKE TO ME), hugged some very large trees, maybe saw big foot, definitely saw baby deer, gawked at a very blue lake, ate half a banana cream pie in portland, collapsed.

i'm a little too lazy to deal with cute captions under the following pictures, but i'll outline here what you're about to see. me in front of the murder she wrote house in mendocino (you have no idea how happy i was), me getting the s*&$ scared out of me when that huge boot started addressing "the girl in the brown shirt", me gawking at redwoods, captain america clay posing next to redwoods, our cabin wednesday night, me touching the ceiling of our cabin, me and crater lake, cc's senior class photo in front of crater lake, mr. and mrs. pose, our fondue dinner in portland. more trip unfolding as we speak and more posts to come but for now...

enjoy! bedtime!

Monday, July 14, 2008

i think i'm supposed to be nervous

but i'm not, internets! t-minus 4.5 days till the big day and i'm a very unusual (for me) combo of calm and excited. i've been more anxious about conference calls. is this breaking some sort of bridezilla code of honor? research shows i should be losing my appetite and days of sleep, but i deeply enjoyed my grilled cheese and vanilla ice cream tonight and i've been napping in puddles of sweat (feel free to cool off, massachusetts) whenever i grab a second.

my favorite part of each day is when i let go of something ridiculous i've been fixated on. today it was my obsession to have a fresh flower on each cupcake. after all this debate over which flowers are edible and which will kill my grandmother after a lick and which ones will wilt and which will flavor the frosting like fertilizer, i just said forget it, sista. i called the baker lady, told her to whip up some teal frosting instead and called it a day. instant joy!

i've got the loveliest group of family and friends a girl could ask for, all slaving
behind-the-scenes, helping me hardcore, and i can't wait to finally enjoy all that meat, frosting and stevie wonder with them. then ride off in a minivan with my cc and do a little happy dance together.

Wednesday, July 09, 2008


anyone who's ever lived with me for long can attest to the fact i'm a tad too comfortable in my own skin.

on a daily/hourly basis, i walk, unabashedly, by my (city apartment) windows in my underwear. or less. it took clay spelling out the stalker potential for me to curb my behavior. it just never occurred to me?

recently, in the fort worth zoo parking lot, i changed from jeans and a shirt to a dress. is that bad?

it may have started during my last two years of college. i lived in this crazy allston apartment with a rotating crew of 5 people and during the hot months, we all walked around in our underwear. i realize this sounds like some co-ed fantasy complete with pillow fights and wet t-shirts, but i swear it was devoid of anything sexual. the place was just so hot we couldn't deal with anything but the absolute bear minimum of cloth touching our delicate skins. guests would come over and we'd just wave and continue about our business, eating chips or reading a psych book.

once, my dad came over to fix a lightbulb or something, and my roommate was swiffering the kitchen floor, completely naked. when i told her a parental unit would be gracing the premises, she sighed and pulled on a t-shirt. no underwear, mind you, just a t-shirt. at the time i was annoyed, but in retrospect, i don't behave much differently.

today, my mom's friend came over to check out the wedding dress; she can't make the big day and wanted the scoop. before she arrived, i was in my usual underwear and tank top uniform, and only because i got an eye roll when i suggested staying that way, did i throw on a skirt. and i almost perished.

all of this is to say, i simply don't feel comfortable making any promises just yet about what i'll be wearing down the aisle. if it's this hot and humid come the 19th, they may just be getting an eyeful.

Thursday, July 03, 2008

two treats yesterday

1) i drove my fine self to noe valley and checked out the san francisco mystery bookstore because apparently i have been living under a rock and never knew it existed? it must have been all that positive thinking that made my dreams come true! it's probably for the best in regards to our shelf space and wallets that the past two years i've remained clueless, but this place is awesome-o. rows and rows and rows of mystery and crime fiction, many of them in paperback form, many with deliciously campy old covers. i wanted to grab armfuls and run, but my arms are pretty skinny as it turns out and i only walked away (read: bought) with four. favorite moment? when i dropped a couple books on the floor and the shopkeeper whipped around and said "YOU DROP 'EM YOU BUY 'EM." with a totally straight face. comedy!

2) i cooked myself up a juicy steak. cc casually mentioned he'd had some for dinner and suddenly, frantically, i needed to have one for myself. i had not a clue how to cook it, but with the kind help of friends and the internets (sear 3 minutes on each side, followed by about 5 minutes in an oven set to 350 degrees - use an iron skillet with those grill mark things) i soon had a most delicious dinner in front of me. i cut up two tomatoes, sprinkled them with olive oil and salt and pepper, poured myself some lemonade and was ready to stuff. since it was a real dinner and all, i even sat at our table and used a napkin! i have to admit, the whole thing felt a whole lot better than the typical peanut butter toast i eat come the eating hour. i'm all growed up!

Tuesday, July 01, 2008


i find it ridiculous when certain powerful celebrities - there are a couple i have in mind - preach to the masses about using positive thinking and the law of attraction to get what you want. basically, put a positive idea out to the universe (i want a bicycle!) and it will come back to you in a positive physical manifestation (look, i got a bicycle!). put a negative idea out to the universe and that will come back to you, too.

it's not that i'm against thinking positively, that would be silly, but it just doesn't apply to every situation. like...why some people die suddenly and some frolic with lotsa cash?
the answer is, that's life. (or if you're a greeting card my little brother created at age 8 : "that's capitalism!") not: "you must have thought about dying too much and so you died!"

because i can promise you if that were true, i'd be long gone. the amount of hours i used to spend cuddled up with the merck manual is mind boggling.

one of these ladies literally asked these so-called secret experts on a recent episode: "do you, like me, ever ask the universe for something and find it ten minutes later - right outside your door?" ooo eee ooo behold my mystical powers. um have you considered it's because you have 12,000 assistants who do your bidding? and then the people in the audience swoon and clap their hands and go ohhhh i guess i can't afford a mercedes because i think wrong.

not trying to hate here. i'd just like them to give the right things - hard work, talent, right place right time, no kids, luck - the credit for why they are where they are. instead of a close and personal relationship with the - shhhhhh - secret.

okay! i'm done! carry on.

people tell me

they have dreams about showing up to work naked or missing the SATs fifteen years later.


here's one i just had:

someone tries to shoot me while i'm getting into my vw. they miss, but somehow shove a dead pigeon in my mouth before they get away. when the cops finally show up, they make me keep the dead pigeon in my mouth so they can figure out what happened. at some point, i finally say (garble) "enough!" and spit out the pigeon.

i plead for something to drink so i can wash out the bird guts and brain sticking with great strength to my teeth. eventually, they show up with a cup of vitamin water iced-tea (which is really disappointing and tastes like plastic have you noticed?) but beggars can't be choosers!

i run outside, swishing the innards out of my mouth and spitting them on the sidewalk. the flood of spit runs quickly downhill (this is san francisco after all!) and the cops yell "no!" because my spit has just washed away all dna evidence they'd just happened upon. they stand up, shoot me a look of horror and dismay, and i slink away, guts still on my tongue.

pretty much sugar plums 24-7 around here.

so i'm a little slow

sure, i knew about this american life and prairie home companion and things of that nature. and understood they were urbane and hip and enjoyed by people who like things i like.

but in my life, in general, my brain has to work extra hard to listen to and make sense of books on tape or talk radio and so i steer clear. i'm a serious visual learner and as much as i love to talk, i find the digesting and understanding of the listening process slow and frustrating at times. (let's not even discuss the nightmare that is multi-person conference calls. i feel like i've barely escaped from azkaban by the time they're over. )

but recently, much in the way i feel i've singlehandedly discovered both frasier and coffee, i've been like wow national public radio wow! thank you for all your fun little things and constant chatter! you're the perfect way to spend a car ride to the airport and i find you extremely relaxing - a delightful note struck between silence and the beach boys.

and while my slow-on-the-uptakeness may seem laughable, i'm really quite content with it. just think how many old things i've got left to discover! wings season 1 on dvd here i come.