Thursday, April 28, 2011

Mini me

Starting forever ago, I fell in love with the mirror. Or a window-at-night. A large window-at-night is a really effective lip synching mirror, too. Did you know?

I spent much of my youth belting out show tunes in front of my living room window and/or my bedroom mirror. I'm sure we all did this, but I promise you I did it more. I've also been known to watch myself cry in the bathroom mirror because it's a morbidly fascinating project. Or talk to myself and watch how my mouth moves while I pluck my eyebrows real up close and personal.

It was a real surprise when I chose theater school.

Anyways, this is all to say my little apple has not fallen far from her tree.

Macs have a program called Photo Booth, that allows you to take self-portraits or self-videos. Harps figured it out and now she's obsessed. It's a good way to kill 5-10 minutes when I just need to sip my tea while it's still relatively hot or I want to pee by myself. This vid below was one of the first times she got ahold of it. I can't even deal, really. I love it all, but especially the coy one-shoulder shrug she keeps doing while she shamelessly flirts with...herself.

(Oh, also -- she whips her socks off at bedtime faster than I can put them on. Girl needs bare feet to sleep, just like me. Aw, genes.)

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Table for dos

Sometimes cc sneaks home from work real fast to catch a bite to eat with his lovely lady.

She loves it.

(And did you know naan tastes best on a fork?)

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Eeeeeeaster!

She'll always want to hold my hand, right? RIGHT?

You can't see really, but those are star-covered, rouched leggings. Yessum.

Easter! No, we don't do the Jesus thing around here (hey, but I'm coming closer and closer to getting all hardcore Buddhist on your a*$ ... quick scene last night around the television: Clay looking at used Porsches on his comp, me blurting out: "Oh hey! This place has a THREE MONTH SILENT MEDITATION RETREAT!" Yet, somehow, we work...), but I'm into the metaphorical meanings of it all. How can't you be?

It was just us 3bees, but we got lil peep dressed up, hid plastic eggs (filled with Kashi cereal?) around the backyard, and handed her a basket (hand delivered last night by our previously mentioned hoarder neighbors...which came two minutes after we realized she didn't have one...I shall never speak evil of them agayn!). The whole getup (dress + uggs + wet grass + huge basket) was a little unwieldy, but she totally got the concept and twirled around the yard gathering neon plastic lovies with a big ol' grin.

Video ev:

But my favorite moment came when cc started airplaning her around and around the prayer flag tree and I flew after them then reverse...squeals and fresh air and suddenly we're all kiddos again, together. Easter!

And then we piled in the car and ate Med food (gotta honor my peeps occasionally) and then bought new bikes. Because, as we realized, bikes don't just come readysetgo in your garage. Turns out they must be procured, and procured they were. As the raindrops started to fall, we each took a few runs around the block on our new sweet rides. (Bike riding on Denver sidewalks is iiiiiinfinitely more doable than doing so on SF sidewalks...)

Oh and! While H and dada were on a trip together, I f-i-n-a-l-l-y busted out my sewing machine and started working on a pillow I'd pinned together months (literally) ago. Is there a chance I might actually figure it out and make cute things for people on earth? TBD, TBD...But I'm having fun.

And with that! I bid you adieu. Next time you see me, I'll have Peeps sugar all over my face, as first thing tomorrow I'll be hitting up the candy sales. (Can you believe I haven't had ONE Peep yet?! The restraint!)

Couple bonus pics:

Weirdo angle.  Lo siento, my besties!

Awaiting some grass seeds from our landlord...

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Sad day except for cute baby

This pic really doesn't capture the correct scale of this eNORmous/awesome Richard Scarry book.  

Saw my mom/H's gram off on a Jetblue jet today. I'm always sad when our visits end, but this time felt especially hard. I spent the rest of the day pretty mopey/maudlin/Cadbury egg eating.

I've had a turbulent and challenging past few months, and so her week here was really welcomed and needed and loved. Sometimes you don't even realize how much help you're missing until you're suddenly getting it. And as awesome as it was to have company and a major Harps helper and an insane laundry doer and a fellow thrift store shopper and high chair wiper downer and career advice giver etc etc -- it makes it sting that much more once it's gone.

Her visit also comes at a time I'm feeling especially homesick. So to send her back East, back where all my peeps are -- Ben and Amanda's new baby, my brother graduating from grad school (go T!!!), all the pretty lady babies dressed up in Easter dresses -- makes me feel way left out and lonely. Just the truth. Cuz as my city college professor used to tell us (about nothing, in particular): "You got to keep it real." God, I'm glad I went there.

But! Enough sad talk. Our visit really was awesome and not sad in the least! We visited Red Rocks and let Harps walk up and down the streets and little bridges of Morrison, we shared chocolate milkshakes, we shopped for fabric, we took many many walks, ate cupcakes, danced a tad too enthusiastically to Cats, taught Harper how to sniff flowers...

Speaking of Harpsychordy. Girlfriend is really having a learning spurt! Is that a thing? A learning binge? No? She's picking up words like mad and doing all these insane little tricks (must get this one on film STAT: she looks at a picture of someone doing downward dog and will get on the floor and do it! perfect form!!) and just being a total ham. She was also insanely crabby and needy the past couple days, so the tricks were a welcome distraction inbetween the wails.

For the peeps who do vids, here's H tonight, saying hi to "baby" -- aka her new cousin, Annabelle. Hearts!

Monday, April 18, 2011

Sorry for the quiet

Harps and I are busy playing with my momz -- in the dirt/flowers/springtimeness. Back soon!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

I just found this picture on cc's phone and oh my what

Perhaps the greatest Harps candid eva taken. LOOK AT HER CHUBBY LEGS HELP ME JEEBZ!

And the cloth dipes (sob sob sob) and the dada cuddle and the toe! touch!

Man, I'm loving it hard.

What else what else?

Oh, I cooked cc meat tonight (and by "meat" I mean chicken), which thrilled him and made me feel like a nice-ish person. I also made an ENORMOUS amount of roasted asparagus. Harps and I eat it like candy, while he frowns and sniffs in confusion. I'm letting it all digest a bit before I attempt my third cupcake of the day. Dude brought me home a box of them last night, which is just unsafe.

Tomorrow night my momz lands! I'm trying to get at least half of my huge stack of laundry done, so she doesn't think I've fully regressed since she last left. (I have.) But then, of course, I'll leave the other half undone so she has something to do. Wouldn't want her getting bored!

Hope to get those last few lingering boxes unpacked while she's here, as well as my eyebrows unbushy, some bread and vegan ginger cookies baked, and maybe sleep past 8 am? TBD, TBD.

And now it's raining out. Always at night, Colorado, always at night! I have my super cute green Hunters I got to wear in SF, but never here. Unless I take out the garbage and wave hello to our crazy neighbors ("DON'T KNOCK ON OUR DOOR, WE WON'T ANSWER."), who in addition to their piles and piles of inside junk might want to steal them off my feet.

Ni'ni! (*slaps hand to face in imitation of H's almost-but-not-quite ni'ni signing*)

Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Everybody should be this awesome:

Sunday, April 10, 2011


Guys. I'm cool. Shut up.
Made cc take this pic because look at the sign!
Top of Vail Mountain, 11,250 feet. Ow ow!

Friday afternoon, we packed up the truck and headed to the mountains. Biscuit in the backseat, snacks in a paper bag, skis on the roof. Quick lil ride up (bout 2 hours) and we were in high up in the sky. Cute little condo for the Cowans, paid up with points. (Thanks for traveling 4 days a week for 4 years, cc!)

Walked to a pizza parlor dinner (H absolutely crushed some cheese pizza AND gnocchi with meat sauce -- is this really my baby?) finished up with delicioso chocolate cake. (Harper liked that, too.) Yes please every night?

Morning brought crazy sunny skies and warm temps and a nervous mama -- was about to go skiing for the first time since I was 12 AND leave Harps at a bottom-of-the-mountain daycare for the first time ever. She cried as we left, but I had to step away step awaaaaaaay. Ugh, no likey.

Skiing! Skiing was...skiing was fun! The first half. I learned to plow down and did little turns and didn't fall off the ski lift huzzah! cc's a great teacher and after a few runs on the bunny hill, we headed up (up up UP UP UP) to the top of Vail. Holy HIGH ah! And then we cruised down the triple black diamond the end!

Dorkiest picture of us ever? Yes.
I have to keep it small.

Okay, well, green. We did green. And got down half the mountain in good spirits. Then lunch (bbq outside on picnic tables -- checking up on H via cell and then relaxing/appreciating eating a sammich without a fiending toddler by my side...) and then hey, "just the second half of the mountain" and we could pick up my baby!

I'll keep it short: Had a total meltdown that last chunk. It was a looooooong last chunk and my legs were dying dead and dying. And my boots hurt and I was shaky and got re-scared and bratty and beyond crabby. I kept yelling "I MISS HARPER!" (which, hey, I did) and then I'd realize I had to MOVE to get to see her, but then my legs were shaking with fatigue and right...over...that...little...edge was a crazy black diamond drop and people were zooming! Anywho. I hate how I get like that, but lesson learned. Happy times are early/untired times. Getting to knowwww meeeee...

Cue some H and mama shots:

Snuggling in our jammies.

Nutjobs unite!

Saturday night we left the kiddos (Manj and bean and fam were there, too) alone, I mean with a sitter, and hit the town! It was DUMPING snow. Dumping snow. Which terrified me and made me another whiny boo for awhile, but then we got to the restaurant and were cozied back in a corner, overlooking Narnia trees and a creek and snowflakes and okay okay -- I can do this. Lovely night out for the homebodies! (For my own records, I ate duck and bok choy and brussel sprouts and mushrooms and, very strangely, a mojito? And, not very strangely, sticky toffee pudding. Which we got for free because they were out of donuts. Happy but also sad.)

Why is this picture so hilarious to me.

This morning cc hit the slopes solo (whew) while H and I drank cappuccinos and watched Frasier reruns as the snow fell. (She napped actually.)

Thanks for bearing with my total recap. I have fun looking back on these things down the road, so sometimes I just gotta jot it down. Oh and! Can I say, also for my records, that I just LOVE 14 months? Love. The happiness, the new words, the walking, the I'm-still-kind-of-a-baby cuddles and goopy kisses, the loving to read, the strangely easygoing and good sleepingness? It's just yes! (I need to write this, so that in one or two or whatever months, when things are annoying, I'll remember the yesness.)

So in summation: Weekends away = fun! Vail = insanely beautiful and a little altitude sicky! Harper = world champion! Home = my love!

(And for family members afar and/or people who care, here's Harps movin OUT tonight at the park nextdoor. Eep!!)

Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Be kind rewind

Think of the children!

Yo! I just want to make a quick aside, mkah?

I know there're some people out there, in-real-life and on-the-interwebs, that are...annoyed/hurt/confused by either my lack of emails/slow response to phone calls/making my Facebook semi-privatey/sticking up for my familyunit in a bitchy way/being introverted/having brown hair.

And for that, I'll use cc's favorite phrase: I'm sorry you're upset.

However. I'm guessing if you knew all the ins and outs of my little life, you'd understand that I'm really trying my best. Just like if we all understood the ins and outs of everyone's little life, we'd all be a little kinder. 

You know?

I think you know.

But if you still want to punch my face -- that's cool! 


(Of course there have been aplenty aplenty of people who have been too-understanding-for-words. And to them I owe many xoxoxoxo's.)

Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Morning meeting

Before glasses or showers or highchairs there's morning meeting. We talk action items, next steps, soy milk, and Mr. Bear. The productivity (and cuddles) are intense!

Monday, April 04, 2011

You didn't read this?

Getting into bed the other night, cc literally said "woh!" with eyes lit up when he saw my bedtime apparel. Sexy lacy yada yada numba? Uh, no. A (stained) gray camisole from Gap. Pretty much broke my ragamuffin heart that that = a treat.

So today, I went to Vicky C's and spent some cash. I now own 6 bras (!?!?!?) that actually fit (!?!?!?) and 10 pair of unders-not-from-Costco-or-Sears. I have no idea why I'm sharing this of the main reasons I don't usually buy this stuff is that no one else sees it? Which seems wasteful and stoopid. But again -- cc deserves a little better. And really, so do I. I already feel a tad bit under 90yearsold now that my unmentionables are sort of mentionable. (I'm still watching Murder She Wrote during naptime, tho, let's not get crazy.)

So now you get to know what's going on with my unders! Wait no that's creepy. Just remember I'm not wearing uglies anymore! No, don't do that either. Ah yes, nevermind, delete post!

Sunday, April 03, 2011

Baby stepz

So. HJ's been playing with taking a couple steps here and there for a bit, but today she started to go for it! Nothing gets her grooving like this book (thanks, Jen!) -- she's completely obsessed and brings it over to me to read approximately 6,783 times a day. Anywho. Here ya go! Cuteness in a click!

(And isn't she tall? Weirdly tall! And look at that little curl at the back of her head! I die.)

Friday, April 01, 2011

Why she's not getting the keys anymore.

Harps favorite non-toy (but aren't all favorites non-toys, really?) is my keys. Oh, the glittering baubles and shiny metallic wonderment! I usually hand them over en route to the car and she gets to tinker with them while I buckle her in. A few weeks ago, she discovered the LOCK button (dum dum dum foreshadowwwwwing), which was only mildly annoying until yesterday. Cough.

I boogied her out of naptime attire and hurried to story time, for our favorite reader -- Mr. Jeff. He's kind of bizarre, but he's gentle and tells little stories about his life and I'm pretty much fascinated. Harps likes him, too. 'Course we got there and some twenty-something chick in a pilly sweater was feebly singing the alphabet, so all for naught. Doh.

After hitting up the swings and dirt and a four-year-old who was obsessed with Harps and followed her around high and low (why must this happen to us always everywhere? little girls attach themselves to H and keep asking me 'CAN I TOUCH HER?' eeeeeeeeeeeeeep), we headed to the car.

She grabbed my keys, must have immediately pressed lock, I snuggled her in, handed her a chunk of banana and her book and threw my keys onto the front seat. (Why whyyyyy, asks Nancy Kerrigan?) Thwap, close her door and realize with a sinking feeling...

Yup. Locked locked closed locked can't get in oh my locked hello! Wave to mumma!

Now, have this happen on a sweltering day with a newborn and I'dda lost my noodle HARD. However. It was a blustery day, she was happily munching on a 'nana, and there were a gajillion people around. Secured a passerby's phone ("Oh, I've done that!" "Me too!" said her friend. Followed by: "This is why we pay our taxes!!!!" Which, I mean, I agree -- but it made me feel strangely uncomfortable and was I supposed to maybe salute the library's flag?) and called 911.

Within 2 minutes, a firetruck was pulling up. SIRENZ and lights and six men storming my car! I couldn't stop giggling nervously and saying "I've never done this before! I never have! NEVER!" Which I'm sure reassured them wholly. Took them about 5 minutes to shimmy open the lock, at which point they individually came over to Harps and made sure she was okay. A little sweaty and totally confused why big ol' men were peering in at her banana-face, but definitely okay.

She gave a little flirty head tilt and a "eh?" sound, which was my cue to explain who everyone was. With a little nod, she accepted my answer and I said thank you as many times as I could fit in, before they drove away on their trusty steed and I hung my head in exhaustion and momfailness.

All in a day's work, people!