Sunday, February 08, 2009

To combat the sudden onset of Sunday coma,

instead of polishing off the last three chocolate chip cookies and lying face down on the brown couch, I'm going to talk about the goodies lying in wait.

a) Once Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday are gone into the past I can collapse into a relief puddle. Two different, detail-y corporate events I've been organizing will be over; I can stop worrying about shuttles and raviolis and confirmation numbers and officially cross "Event Planning!" off my potential future career list. (If you saw/spoke/smelled me during our wedding planning, this is no huge surprise. I was happy to be married, not happy to pick napkins.)

b) If I'm not too knackered, I'll storm Manjiri's couch on Tuesday post-classes for some Idol.

c) I've got macaroni 'n cheese and spaghetti leftovers as well as cookies and tiny carrots and two delishy Kashi frozen meals to eat this week while I run around from work to class to work to class. Also lots of milk for lots of coffee and tea. Eating well = coping well. Being not caffeinated = not an option anymore.

d) We cleaned the place and ORGANIZED THE BEDROOM SO HELP US GOD this weekend so there's a much greater chance I won't turn this place into a den of slack and villainy as the week progresses. Greater chance doesn't = no chance. But there's hope!

e) Hubs-band plans to fly back home Wednesday instead of Thursday, score team! (Sidenote: I almost wrote "Wednesday vs. Thursday", but I try not to do that anymore. Why? At my old ad job, I once wrote an email that said: "For our copywriter, we'll be using Larry vs. Phil" ... The next day the creative team had mocked-up a poster of Larry and Phil boxing each other with crowds cheering. It was my first week at work; I was mortified. The end.)

f) My Mom and Gram are flying in Friday for a week long visit to my city and me! Ba-boom boom uh yay!

g) Valentine's Day on Saturday!

h) Three day weekend! (Thanks for doing the whole President thing, Presidents.)

Do I see the clouds parting? Do I hear the birds chirping? Do I hear the tea kettle bubbling for a cup of decaf and a spoonful of wildflower honey? Yes. Yes, I think I do.

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