Tuesday, October 03, 2006

The Real Ladies of Layering

I've been feeling annoyed with Marc Jacobs these days. Taking all this credit for hip, "new" layering - dresses over pants, shorts over tights - that clearly was discovered long ago by some of the most important ladies in fashion: Punky Brewster and Clarissa Darling. That's right, my friends. These chicks had this technique down to a science long before it made the fashion runway.

Punky rocked vest over short tee-shirt over long tee-shirt over jeans (bandana around one leg, of course) while Clarissa sported overall shorts over patterned tights, some sort of shrug, and a pair of Doc Martens to finish it all off. They were fashion pioneers and I worshipped every belt, knee sock, and cardigan they somehow fit together. Can they please get a little credit? And, for that matter, can I?

The looks I fashioned together in 5th grade were nothing short of spectacular. Let me tell you about my favorite one. It started with a long tee-shirt - complete with Earth Day theme - worn on top of white shorts folded two times each side, worn over capri-style, royal blue tights with detailed lace around the ankles. I liked to finish it all off with black ballet flats (still rockin' 'em today) and a long necklace, made of little, clay Earths. Hot, right? Yesterday I wore a tank top over a tee-shirt and the day before that, a dress over jeans, but I'd like Marc to know this is nothing new. I will never give credit to any modern-day movement for these choices. And now, neither should you.


  1. christie11:40 AM

    Punky Power!

    We most definitely need a pic of this fabulous 5th grade ensemble. Now.

  2. Trevor5:34 PM

    I was in more favor of wearing strange hats and socks adorning my arms. I don't think that falls under a type of style?

  3. I just enjoy the "Beat Addiction" ad that Google's serves up next to Punky's picture.

    Maybe the outfits were a product of an addiction we didn't know about...

  4. excellent. i'm digging your old ensemble -- do you think h&m will have earth necklaces this april? i fancied patterned geometric leggings under a fancy schmany dress (the bodice was velveteen and had a picture of a teddybear and a heart on it, the skirt was tulle, and it was on sale at j.c. penny). i wore it to the airport once because i thought you had to dress up to pick up people at the airport?! on top of that i would weear approx 10,000 plastic charm necklaces and keds. le swoon!


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