Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Spoiler: Don't Read If You Haven't Read Harry Potter Numero 6

This isn't so much a full post - my computer is missing in action - as a quick question: What's the deal with Snape in #6?! I don't think this was what J.K. had in mind, but I was more upset with his backstabbing than Dumbledore's death.

So I'd appreciate any and all comments regarding this pressing, timely issue: Is Snape really bad? Thanks.

(You too, Anonymous. Golly, I almost forgot you!)


  1. friend of anonymous10:29 PM

    It's gotta be a setup. Dumbeldore and Snape must have faked his death to lull their enemies into a false sense of security. Right? I mean Dumbeldore can't really be dead...right?...Hello?

  2. i think dubledore really is dead... and that snape is being forced to be bad... or maybe it is a setup... maybe dubledore will come back as a ghost... and live with myrtle in the bathroom.

  3. sigh. you people have no idea what you're saying.


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