Friday, November 30, 2007

i wrote a buncha words and all I got was this pretty logo

but i'm a big sucker for gold stars and pats on the back and small treats at the end of long hauls. for example your new little brother was born and suddenly our previously undivided attentions will be cut by 50% but we bought you this lovely skipper doll! sweet! not even a real barbie!

but so yes, yes: 50,026. done. dun. dunne. dunny mc.dune. doen38@#$$%*.

and now i television and sleep and eat pasta and cupcakes and stop the typing. oh and no, it can't be read by any of yous for a long while. i am putting in a drawer for 6 weeks. and then i will come back with fresh brain and then i will start the very long process of rewriting and editing and rewriting. and after all that if i decide it isn't turrible i will share. maybe.

thanks to all my cheerleaders during this month! if i hadn't had the grim threat of disappointed friends and family staring me in the face i may have given up. but i didn't. so thank you. and you.


  1. auntie mef5:14 AM


  2. the next YA agatha christie is in our midst...

  3. What can I say --- Unbelievable!! Sometimes the phrase "Never Quit" is a good mantra.

  4. i will sneak into your house, find it, read it, and love it.


  5. christie11:20 AM

    Yahoooooo!!! Now come visit us!!


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