Thursday, January 03, 2008

Spoken for

Settle down, settle down! The rumors are true, people. BJA is engaged. Spoken for! Betrothed! Back off scary men on the #45! Back off.

I've had this very delightful bauble (a sparkly, yummy, glittery sapphire to match my eyes, dahlings) on my lefty finger since New Years Eve in Boston, where the question was popped over probably the most delicious meal I've ever inhaled. Feed me figs with melted cheese rolled in prosciutto and I'll say yes to shaving my head and swimming with great whites. And a mariachi band.

After I (obviously) said yes, we hopped in a cab and made it to Copley Square in time to count down to '08. We kissed at 0, made the obligatory "we're getting married!" pronouncement, then chanted "Law and Order!" before sprinting across the street into our hotel, pumping our fists to the theme song in our heads. You see, TNT was running a 32-episode L&O marathon and nothing but nothing gets in the way of Amy, Clay and Jerry Orbach. Although that new friend on my finger sure makes our crime-fighting team a happier one.


  1. I'm so happy for you and Clay! GORGEOUS ring. I want, no NEED, details.

  2. i'm. loving. it. so happy. what restaurant did cbc take you to?

  3. aaaaahhhh i had fallen off your blog and i just read all of them in a big catch up session. it was like you were a dvd of my favorite sitcom!

  4. Finally...I am able to view that symbol of love...and it is lovely. Just need some higher definition for these ailing eyes. It is a lovely symbol of Clay's commitment to you, and your future together will be wonderful. And I have a daughter?? Ask Clay...I have always wanted a girl. Love you both...Cindy

  5. christie9:15 AM


    Ditto to mic - NEED details. Will be ring-a-linging you tonight. :)

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