Wednesday, February 13, 2008

david lynch,

where have you been all my life? are you looking for a new best friend?

yes, i realize i'm 18 years late to the phenomenon that is/was twin peaks, but i was 8 years old when the thing was on (yes, that means i'm about to turn 26 - gag!) and since one episode of unsolved mysteries at that time sent me reeling into a year of sleepless nights, it was probably best i stayed away.

but now i have the whole series in my greedy little hands and i'm having a hard time not binging on episodes until i'm in a tv coma. because honestly, this show answers every single one of my program needs. it's a murder mystery! it's stylized! it's well-written! well-directed! well-acted! ridiculously creepy! the list goes on into infinity!

i bunker down on the couch and proceed to scare the hell out of myself. last night, i checked the locks 5 separate times. and whipped around to look behind me every 2 minutes. though, i'm not sure who i think will come eat me: the dancing dwarf? the one armed man? the lady with an eye patch? they probably all live in pacific heights.

the sad thing is i know the show was canceled before it reached the end david lynch envisioned (damn you cbs!), but i'm sticking with it anyways. even if i wanted to stop i couldn't - the crack pipe is fully glued to my dropped jaw and i can't stop puffing. oh and if any of you sneaky people out there watched the whole series and give away anything, i will hunt you down to chinatown.

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  1. Trevor12:37 PM

    Ever wonder why the early nineties had such a plethora of LL Bean inspired fashion such as Plaid sweaters? Twin Peaks! Northern Exposure supposedly got the idea for its location because of the success of Twin Peaks. I appreciate the coffee sipping photo.


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