Saturday, February 02, 2008

you guys, i just thought of something

i'm manager of the gap. i'm responsible for all those t-shirts. french-cut, v-necked, ribbed, what have you. dude, i'm in trouble.

which is to say, i got promoted yesterday. i'm now officially an advertising account manager at _. where i work on the _ account. totally cool, right? in order to avoid getting dooced, i'll have to leave it at that. except to say that i'm really slow on the uptake and it took me an (embarrassingly) long time to figure out what was happening - until suddenly there was champagne and chocolate cake in my face. it kind of felt like proposal deja vu, except instead of a shiny blue, i got new business cards. in case you can't tell? i'm kind of a big deal.

in other news, i bought my wedding dress today! woh, what? yes! i pulled the lacy trigger. my lovely friend/trooper rachel and i hit the shops this afternoon and had a lovely time. probably not the best idea to head out on a rainy chinese new years day, but things ended up being low key and fun and felt pretty princess-y but in a manageable way. i won't reveal any details because a certain cow likes to read this site, but i will say it's very me, it's very pretty and it's
very vera wang. snap!


  1. oh, i wish i could have gone shopping with you, too! damn those 3,000 miles. my heart breaks.

    but, congratulations again!! xo

  2. congratulations on the new gig! now i really want chocolate cake for breakfast.

  3. christie4:30 PM

    Congrats and congrats! And now I need super-secret pics of the dress. Or at least some gory details.


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