Tuesday, March 18, 2008

steve guttenberg

is on dancing with the stars this season. it premiered last night, to (bja's) rave reviews.

i'm personally invested in his involvement after viewing this movie over christmas break. i'll never get those 3 hours of my life back, but i've come to terms with that. it was just so many things, most of them non-good, but the whole debacle was kind of saved by steve-o and his chipper rendition of a scorned man. he also showed his naked bum!

but back to dwts.

never has a show induced so much frantic smiling on my part; my face actually hurts when the hour's up. i can't help myself! it's primal or something.

and never has a contestant induced such a complex mix of emotions: joy/pity/love/confusion/lust/embarrassment/mania.

i'm already hungry for more!

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  1. Watching you watch DWS, Idol, Project Runway or a "new" Frasier is a flashback to tearing into a new Sears Wishbook circa 1983. A simple thing driving pure bliss.

    p.s. - love the instant comment approval. instant gratification = good.


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