Monday, March 23, 2009

Weekend photo album or: The making of a domestic

I did quite well on my weekend checklist, thanks.

While I played many a Rockband drum solo Saturday morning, Clay played basketball down at the Y. On his way home he stopped at the Farmer's Market and picked me up that scrumpshy olive bread along with a bundle of tulips. And a chocolate croissant. Yes please times ten.

Later in the day, down in the Castro, we watched some college people play their own round of basketball on the big screen. Zzz. But oh my, what accidental luck! Our friends live right next door to Imagiknit! At halftime, I picked out some yummy green yarn and bamboo needles.

On Sunday, we scooted down to the Marina and picked out herbs and flowers and new self-draining pots and soil and fertilizer. And then I got to planting and windowsill-arranging and serious-face-making. Plants are no joke, people.

We watched a Law and Order per my request, then I started knitting lessons with my new, made-for-the-elderly DVD. The lady on there talks to me like I'm five. Honestly, I wouldn't mind if it were three.

Fotos below:


  1. I give private knitting lessons. Just fly me on out theyah and I'll be happy to oblige. I'm sure you've discovered this but there are tons of free knitting video lessons online. I get help from them frequently. Check out the free patterns too - especially soakers for babies. So cute!! Welcome to the club! Now get Christie onboard...

  2. please come decorate my apartment. thanks!

  3. olive bread, yes.
    tulips, yes.
    planting seeds/arranging flowers, yes.
    your serious face-making, yes. *steals*

    my nanny taught me how to knit years ago, i should get back into it. i made a scarf for myself once & i was so proud.

  4. mef: yes! visit me and teach me!! altho randomly i decided to learn continental style, so i hope that doesn't prevent you helping me??

    mic: done! altho clay's better at it than me.

    jordan: you had a nanny?? how brit-tastic.

  5. ohh hehe, no. although that would have been fun.
    my nanny is my grandmother. she taught me how to knit ..& curse.

  6. no can do Continental - it's not too late to go the traditional route. I recommend it

  7. your adorable!!!

  8. Yay for herbs and flowers, planted a few myself last weekend, and my strawberry plant already has blooms!!! Also, keep us up to date on how the knitting goes, I'm interested in getting started (as soon as I master the sewing machine I got for Christmas yet have not touched).

  9. Domestic AND Rock(band)er? Clay is a lucky guy.

  10. remember your blog? I liked it. :)

  11. my hands have been too busy knitting to type!

    but okay okay. update coming soon.


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