Sunday, June 22, 2008

if you don't like weddings, this isn't for you

as our crate and barrel registry cheerfully, but maybe also a little passive aggressively, reminds us:

it's "only 26 days to the big event!"

now, i've tried to keep away from rabid wedding talk these past 5 months because i've personally always found it a tad obnoxious when people flip their lives upside down and become professional brides. it all seems a touch psychotic and sweaty. and so i've eagerly crafted multiple satirical posts saying things such as:

"i'm in month 4 of no sugar, dairy or carbs and am really close to my goal: dropping 30 pounds! i look and feel amaaaaaaaaazing!!"

"my whole life i've dreamed of creating a fairy tale wedding and now it's finally happening!!!"

"to all my single girlfriends out there, trust me when i say: YOUR PRINCE CHARMING IS OUT THERE TOO!!!!!"

etc etc etc.

but then just as i would be close to pressing publish, i'd chicken out. something about the thought of a potential employer finding this blog and thinking that was actually me talking about me made the real me shudder.

but in all seriousness, and i'll keep it brief, i really am very excited about the big day. we're into the good stuff now - colors, tunes, ties - and i'd have to be a scrooge not to be having fun. plus, i'm marrying the best buddy guy friend around who sings nonsense songs with me all day long and teaches me how to ride a scooter without getting crabby and picks out pencil skirts flawlessly. plus his bum is very cute. i'm lucky to the max. okay! gag!

oh and one more bride thing that's got me all flushed and manic and loving of the internets. my bridesmaid, the fabulous sharon, suggested i check out so all those crafty buggers out there could bid for the chance to design our wedding favors. ah glee modern life! i won't go into the project specifics just yet, but i picked a scissor-wielder and i think she's going to be great. and i promise to behave myself in my new role as client, which in my personal opinion and experience means: a) no whining b) no demanding teen flow tampons.


  1. alchemy! yessss! i helped! hurrah!

  2. also, i didn't know cc could pick out pencil skirts... this is useful information to bear in mind.


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