Monday, November 03, 2008

quick question

while i'll eat a doughnut off a dirty floor, wash my hair only when i remember, and wear the same t-shirt five days in a row, i have a really weird germ-a-phobe thing with sponges. as in i really, really don't like using them.

i feel like i'm just wiping around e coli and salmonella and dead skin and egg yolks every time i swipe the counters. they stay perpetually damp and smell strange and i can’t imagine they’re actually making things less germy than they were to begin with. i have a scrubby brush thing i use for the dishes, but when it comes to counters and stovetops and every single one of my bathroom’s surfaces, i just cannot find anything acceptable.

i know (i know) it’s horrible to keep using paper towels, but sponges make my brain explode. cc tells me i just need to have separate sponges for separate purposes and squeeze them dry and air them out and all that. and i know those are all good ideas. just, ahem, maybe not the best ideas?

and so i’m here asking you, dear reader, for different suggestions: more eco friendly than paper towels, please, but thoughtfully removing any mention of sponge, spongy, spongee.

bja and her sidekick, ocd, thank you kindly.


  1. christie2:01 PM

    I'm a big fan of the Clorox wipes. I have several containers scattered throughout the house.

    Why DO sponges smell? So gross!!!

  2. Anonymous1:48 PM

    amy it's emily! put them in the microwave for like ten seconds. it kills all the germs and they don't smell weird after.

  3. thanks friends!

    i'm going to give the microwave thing a go - i'll keep you posted!

    and i love wipes, too, christie. method has some super great nontox ones - i'll bring some home for xmas!! - but also found at target! ;)

  4. there are these little green cloths found in the cleaner aisle that are paper towelescent, but you can wash them. Now I know I sound very chic, and green, and all that...but seriously, I actually use paper towels. But I have SEEN those green cloth things.

    Have you ever seen that commercial for clorox cleanup where the woman is wiping her counters with a sponge and then it suddenly becomes a huge uncooked chicken thigh? That's what I think of when I see sponges...


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