Monday, January 05, 2009

tell me the movies that make you cry

see, there's a few major ones i've been putting off watching because i'm afraid of losing all my tears and my head exploding and my mood falling onto the floor and hiding under the couch for three days.

but i've got to see them, can't call myself a person-who-knows-stuff without.

so over christmas, i started compiling a list with my family. my thinking is this: i'll choose one day, a day when externally things are going just fine and i'm not feeling particuarly thundercloudy otherwise, and binge on all the sad at once. just like boom boom boom.

since i'd be sad just watching one, why not be really really sad watching a bunch and then whew, done, finito, let's get back to the musicals?

so i've got a few definites, but i want to see what you guys come up with before i tell you mine. to see which ones i've missed. and don't assume i've seen it, no matter how obvious. because i really do avoid sad movies at all costs. the basic criteria:

  • really sad. (here's a directional hint: sophie's choice has already made the cut.)
  • not stupid.
  • could be described by that all subjective word: "classic" (a little help: citizen kane is classic. but so also is the breakfast club. i'm not strict, just discerning.)

and that about sums it up! make me weep, people.


  1. Terms of Endearment
    A Walk to Remember
    Steel Magnolias
    My Girl
    Lorenzo's Oil
    Life is Beautiful

  2. OMG i hate sad movies! I'm sorry but i definitely can't contribute to this list. I'm Asian and stoic and refuse to cry... However now that i'm pregnant, i've cried over:

    - Hancock (that's right, Will Smith)
    - Benjamin Button (legit sad and awesome, but I cried at all the wrong parts)
    - The Game
    - Wheel of Fortune (sorry not a movie)
    - ShamWow commercial
    - Dreams i have

    Hope this helps! haha.

  3. Caroline9:42 AM

    Nikki also cried during Rush Hour with Jackie Chan.... I was sitting next to her. Sorry, Nik.

    -Fried Green Tomatoes
    -The Notebook
    And I recently cried at Slumdog Millionaire.....
    -Titanic (sorry but I was shaking crying during it!)
    -Schindler's List

  4. Fine that was pre-pregs, but I felt like they were being mean to my dad.

    I guess add Rush Hour to the classics that make you cry list.

  5. ooo nice work so far, friends! i think i've only seen two of those suggestions so far; clearly i'm in need of help.

    keep 'em coming, guys.

    p.s. pat sajak makes me cry, too.

    p.p.s. did rush hour 2, 3 and 56 make you cry, too?

  6. The others that were on the early list we mentioned:
    Old Yeller
    Schindler's List
    The Pianist
    Transformers, The Movie (1986 cartoon version)

  7. Only the first one, by the rest of them i was numb. how about


    omg insanely sad. i dont remember it i just know to stay away because it's so sad.

  8. Beaches
    Big Fish

    have to second...

    titanic. like rhine, i was hyperventilating i was crying so hard. you might have to be a teenage girl to cry at this movie tho, not sure. also...remember how mr. burne (sp?) used to say leonardo dicaprio's acting was "masturbating on stage"?

    also have to second...

    My Girl
    Steel Magnolias


    Nikki -- do you cry at the awesomeness of the ShamWow? i really want one.

  9. it's a wonderful life ALWAYS gets the waterworks going. i'm a sap. i cry every time, and i've seen it probably twice a year for .. 10 years.
    life is beautiful is touching & makes me weepy.
    august rush made me tear up a little, the love story & the music got me.
    umm .. i cry A LOT so ..everything really?

  10. woh, good call on 'my girl' - i bawled my eyes out on that one. damn bees.

    very excellent suggestions here, friends; my list is really coming together.

    i'll take a picture of how puffy my face gets as a thank you.

  11. Anonymous12:43 PM

    Marley and Me is the only movie I have been to where people were sniffling and sobbing all around me.

  12. The Argentine movie Camila because of the dialogue "Estás allí, Ladislao? A tu lado, Camila." Heartbreaking.

    Brokeback Mountain: It's gay, it's queer, it's a cowboy movie, and Anne Hathaway is topless. But, most of all, it's a story about love unfulfilled.

  13. wow - someone at work said they bawled at 'marlee and me', too. i've never been one to get emotional at pet movies, but since i want a puppy so badly - perhaps i should look into it?

    and yes, yes thank you re: brokeback it's been on the short list for quite some time now.

    my husband has a) seen it without me and b) dvr'd it for me twice before i erased it both times. it's the exact definition of the movie i'm afraid to see.

    and so i must!

    and didn't know anything about camila, but just imdb'd it and looks fantastic. (and sad.) check and check.


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