Sunday, January 18, 2009

Coupons and Curtains and Craigslist

I keep forgetting to buy the Sunday paper so I can clip coupons and celebrate the recession. Clay remembered for me this morning and brought one home. Looks like I've got cheap Cheerios, apple sauce and razors coming my way; I will be passing on the cheap Skippy.

Confused by green sports page. (Shirt from last year's birthday trip to Love in Vegas. If you are there, if you love the Beatles = G-O.)

You may remember back in April when I tried to hem our curtains. It was sad. Clay took on the project today while I sat back, snapped pictures, and watched Murder She Wrote.

I've been whining about needing a dresser for a few days (months) now. Our place is so small we're loathe to bring in big pieces of furniture, but we finally decided the floor wasn't cutting it for sweater storage. Also loathe to deck out our place in exclusive Ikeachic, Clay found a Mid-Centch gem on Craigslist; a smelly Dutch lady delivered it via Subaru this morning. I'm insanely pleased with it.

(Please note the "houses" across the street. We're thinking of applying for a butler/maid Remains of the Day situation.)

Our bedroom. We sleep inside cozy gray walls, beside vintage tables, under a quilt made by Clay's aunt Sharon. Also featured: The new old dresser (!), newly hemmed curtains, Ikea platform bed. If I knew how to take pictures, you'd see the bay through the window.

We like it here.


  1. great dresser! i LOVE me some craigslist!!!

  2. who's the bald guy?

  3. Thanks, April! Yeah. A life without Craigslist wouldn't be a life worth living.

  4. i lllllove that piece of furn! your place looks so cute and cozy. can i come over?

  5. Cindy6:47 AM

    impressive alteration skills, and I like the warmth of that wooden chest. Keep up with the pics. bald guy? I didn't notice because I was looking at the guy in glasses; nice looking both ways.

  6. Yes! Come over! I'll feed Thing lots of pickles and oatmeal. :)


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