Thursday, July 24, 2008

we're on a roadtrip, people

and having a lovely time of it. we wanted to take a leisurely, old fashionedy, throwback honeymoon without frantic deadlines and set itineraries and currency converting; just a meandering stroll through the us of a's pacific northwest. we didn't plan much because after all the planning of the big day (which i realize i haven't posted about but i will, i promise, it was wonderful and our best day ever) we just didn't want to. so we threw a bunch of things in our bags, grabbed the camera, grabbed some dc's, and hit the road.

so far we've driven (on mostly narrow and very windy roads) up to mendocino, visited my favorite fictional town, coasted along the oceanside, through the redwood forest, through a big tree, across the oregon border, through many pancakes, slept in a super 8, slept in a small wolf-decor cabin, bought some mom underwears, sung along with willie nelson, sung along with boyz 2 men, sat on a giant boot (which SPOKE TO ME), hugged some very large trees, maybe saw big foot, definitely saw baby deer, gawked at a very blue lake, ate half a banana cream pie in portland, collapsed.

i'm a little too lazy to deal with cute captions under the following pictures, but i'll outline here what you're about to see. me in front of the murder she wrote house in mendocino (you have no idea how happy i was), me getting the s*&$ scared out of me when that huge boot started addressing "the girl in the brown shirt", me gawking at redwoods, captain america clay posing next to redwoods, our cabin wednesday night, me touching the ceiling of our cabin, me and crater lake, cc's senior class photo in front of crater lake, mr. and mrs. pose, our fondue dinner in portland. more trip unfolding as we speak and more posts to come but for now...

enjoy! bedtime!


  1. can't believe the blue ox didn't make the cut.

  2. Looks like you are having the time of your lives...I am posting pics of the wedding soon on my'll have to check out the dance floor shote...some are pretty hilarious! Hope to see you guys soon!

  3. Two things:
    1) It says "posted by Amy Cowan" at the bottom now. That's wild. Me likey.

    2) I can't even remember. I'm still so confused by the last name thing. Ummmm. Oh yeah! Loved the wedding! It was so fun and you guys have such wonderful friends and fambly! Nicely done.

  4. Just thought of one more thing: mom underwears? Are you trying to tell us something?

    See how the pressure starts as soon as you get hitched?! The fact that christie is a baby factory helps alleviate some of the pressure (thanks sis!), but that can only last so long. Fee free to take the helm on this one... :)

  5. christie9:55 AM

    Yeah, what IS up with the mom underwear? Hmmm....

  6. that would be incredible if i broke important news that way. but nope nope, i actually just needed some undies and askidentally bought some HUGE, high-waisted numbers at a drugstore. similar to mom jeans. so i called them mom underwears. gawd, the pressure really *does* start right away, eh? :)


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