Friday, December 05, 2008

every time i wear a dress

instead of pants my day goes about 120 times better. and at end of those days i swear to myself that i’ll wear one everyday! all day! but i never do. i think it’s because i don’t have the perfect boots yet. even tho i hunt and bid lose and bid and bid and hunt and bid and lose on ebay. moving on.

you see, tho i have skinny limbs and a smallish frame, i was blessed ("") with a buddha belly. i think they call this body type an “apple” instead of a “pear” which is okay with me since apples + peanut butter is one of my favorite snacks and pears always taste mealy. every little kid has got one of these bellies – round, rubbable, pokey - it’s just that mine decided to stick around after i turned 4, and 14, and 24. so dresses drape over my little tum. while pants dig and ouch.

of course, katharine hepburn and others worked hard to make pants acceptable for the ladies, so i don’t want to ignore their labors.

i found these pants, but frankly those sound/look even worse than regular pants. I don’t want a tuck, fools, I want comfort that’s attractive. those = discomfort that’s fugly. nooooo thanks, crazy pants.

my point is, do you have any ideas for me? about these things called pants? that might be comfortable and cute?

and if you’re about to suggest these, please don’t: I already have them, love them, fall asleep in them. clay has named them “treasure pants” because of their special, magical, unicorn qualities. but am I doomed to elastic pants forever? i’m only 26, people. how about something with a zipper?


  1. the saddest thing in the whole wide world just happened to me. i clicked on the link to see your treasure pants and i saw them and i was like, MUST HAVE THEM, and then..."item no longer available". no fair.

    apparently elastic waist jeans are in. Urban has them too.

    anyway, i dont wear real pants so i can't help you. but if you're interested in giving up your search and succumbing to a zipper-less life then you should get the high waisted leggings from AA. they're da bomb.

  2. oh no!! that is sad news. i must treat mine with the utmost care.

    and good luck finding them in stores - they're nowhere to be found anymore!!

    but! but! they have them in denim still online and i will be purchasing them stat:

  3. ok i actually lied - they're out of the denim ones, too. that link i sent right there is to some weird version with bad thigh-fading.

    BUT! i did just order these, which are supposed to be great. leggings that look like jeans for ten dolla! i'll get them in a few days and keep you posted...


  5. i've had excellent luck with cotton/spandex stretch jeans from forever 21. the one caveat is you have to try on a bunch of the cuts (and there are a lot) to find one that works for you. but they are so comfortable.


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