Wednesday, April 16, 2008

snip snip

we'd been admiring these ikea drapes for awhile now and finally took the plunge this weekend. they've got a vintage feel and lots of rich neutrals playing together in a happy dance. we're hanging them in the bedroom, which we hope soon to paint a warm, den-like gray. not too worried about adding a ton of color to the mix, since the rest of our place has it in spades.

after i finish my cup of tea and one (1) cookie, i am going to attempt to hem said curtains. sweet mother of god, pray for me.

that didn't go well. me = idiot. the end.

in the spirit of removing unfriendly labels from my vernacular, i'll modify my last statement. here's what happened.

the curtain kind of buckled at the bottom because it's a two-layer operation and that's hard to swing. then the iron-on hem didn't really hold - probably both a function of the cheap ikea materials and the two-layer issue again. but the curtains can be fixed and will come out fine. thank god i stayed conservative with the scissors.

what probably can't be fixed (BUT TRUST ME I TRIED) is the chunk of carpet i melted with the iron. it appears i'm unable to simultaneously hold a crease, maneuver a hot machine (don't laugh at that, this is no time for jokes) whilst also keeping my floor from morphing into a puddle of hot glue. now please excuse me, as i go find my resume and remove "multi-tasking" from my skill set.

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  1. The secret to hemmings is double stick hemming tape - we use it to sew sails.


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