Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Baaack in the Rocky Rockies

First off, thank you mightily for all the condensed milk suggestions! I want to make key lime pie and put it in my coffee and spread it on my toast and make shortbread and little dried fruit candies and. And and. A few extra cans/cases might now be in order.

One of my true, true loves in this world: Crissy Field.

So SF was great. We got away from the blazing Colo sun and hurdled into the cold and wind and fog. We caught up with old friends, ate the food we can't get here (La Boulange! Barney's burgs! Salted caramel ice creams from Bi-Rite!) and took in all the looks/smells/sounds (holy mother, fog horn -- you were out of CONTROL last night) we miss from our perch in this mountain town.

En route to a spaghetti dinner with our boys in the Castro.

We went all super touristy and stayed down at Fisherman's Wharf. Which honestly? Was semi-rad. I loved being away from Union Square (where most hotels are) and smelling the water and hearing the aforementioned fog horn. I loved looking back behind us, up the hill to Pacific Heights and all its mansions lit up at night. And I l-o-v-e-d walking to Trader Joe's. (Not a one in Colo?!?!) So did Harper.

I words.

Of course, four nights sharing a room with your toddler is less than ideal... And there was a lot of sitting around, silently in the dark, while she napped or slept. So I'm more than okay being back in our own beds and cribs, with my housey and yardy to let her run wild and free (and wild).

But yeah. We miss that place (and its people) (and its foods) sumpin fierce.

xo, SF.


  1. What a great trip - getting to enjoy all your old favs :) I guess that's one of the (probably very few) downfalls of moving around a lot. You get attached to these people/places and then have to move away from them. I probably wouldn't handle that as gracefully as you guys do, you always seem to find things about your current digs that you just love. It's so awesome that you get to experience the difference of cities like you do, and go back and visit when you feel that achy in your hearts! <3

    I love her pushing a cart around like that, hah! The last pic is great is a fav, too!

  2. you guys are so picture perfect, i just love you!

  3. Oh, what a sweet little girl. Fun picture of her "driving" the shopping basket. The pictures of you and Clay are also good; Harper is going to have a long list of "places I've been" when she shares at school.

  4. I loooove the matching nautical shirts and the nautical theme over all. you are the cutest famjam i have ever seen!

  5. Haha, was she eating sand in that last picture? ;) Still very gorgeous pic. I bet ya'll were glad to get back,such a gorgeous town, I want to go back.

  6. Crissy Field, how do I love thee and thy cafes? Mom

  7. I've lived in San Francisco for 5 years and grew up 45 minutes north and have never been to that beach at Chrissy Field. That's it. I'm going and I'm taking the boy!

  8. @kalen: it's def fun to have a little collection of places i've lived. it's like listening to a certain song can take you back, visiting a certain street corner floods me with all these things that happened then. and just you wait till everly wants to push her own cart...oh you'll be ded.

    @em: aw way long time no see roomie! thanks for the sweet words, xo!

    @emmysuh: she was :( she's totally regressed in how much shit she puts in her mouth these days! she literally ate handfuls of sand that day. which showed up later in her dipe. yum!

    @gigi: oh my gosh go! go! i think it's the most peaceful place in san francisco.

  9. Move back, move back! ;)


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