Tuesday, July 19, 2011

I have lost track completely of the days

 So I wasn't going to blog because I thought it was Saturday? But no, it's Tuesday. Hi, Tuesday! Been nice knowing you.

 Moving onnnnn. Remember when I mentioned we succumbed to the pressures of toddler begging back in Steamboat? She desperately desperately desperately wanted these:

Nothing gets between me and my Muppets.

 And since I'm technically a Mean Mom and she's not exactly overflowing with toys (and specifically not recognizable, brand-y ones), we (Clay) gave in. She was beyond overjoyed. As in, she kept looking at us and literally saying "thank you thank you thank you" while she hugged and kissed and chatted to them. And now, she sleeps with Grover (and Woof Woof and Lamby) every night and takes Big Bird on walks or to brunch. (He's a major star when we take him out. Most kiddos are toting around Elmo, methinks, so the old school stars get lots of love from the general public.) 

So yeah. It's pretty fun to buy your kid stuff when it's not always and they really dig it. 

My next apropos of nothing thing is how much I'm loving sun tea these days. I found this glass jug at Goodwill and I fill it with water and 6-8 tea bags (usually just Lipton, since I have an overabundance, but sometimes I put the fancy stuff in) and then let it steep for 2-3 hours on the back, blazing deck. Adding sugar makes it insanely scrumptious, but I'm trying to lower my sweet stuff intake, so not this round. Cool it way down in the fridge, pour it over ice and glug glug glug glug. Perfect antidote to these insane summers.

What else what else? Oh, I have so many delicious books to dive into right now. Three from the lib and a couple from Amazon used and a couple loaned from a friend. I haven't been taking note, really, but I've actually powered thru quite a few reads this year even with all the craziness. And only some of them trashy chick lit! Bravo!

I've been in a mood mood mood these past couple days, so I'm grateful to this little blog for keeping me talking about the happy stuffs. And now, for a cup of chocolate milk and some snuggles.


  1. We took T to the toy store the other day b/c I was feeling guilty that he only "played" with his books and not with any of his boring wooden toys. I thought he'd want one of the cute ride on bugs with wheels. They wre $65 bucks and I was totally willing to pay it.

    He ignored the ride along ladybug and wanted the football SO BAD. It smelled like poison, so he didn't get it.

    He did love the babies though, so we bought him a ridiculously weird looking "more to love" babydoll.

  2. Aww, she loves them so! I'm hoping that our future kiddos will like watching vintage Sesame Street, which is so much cooler than the stuff today.

    And I have no idea how I have lived through almost 27 searing hot Australian summers and never thought of making sun tea? I'm going to hunt for a big glass jug and get ready for next summer! Iced tea in the hot weather is the best.

  3. that's it, i'm making sun tea. mom used to make it, but i haven't had it since i was a little kid!

    i wish i could (and i will try real hard!) to raise my kids the same way - minimum shitty lame toys, more good stuff, but watching my 'rents with curt, i know it's going to be next to impossible. :(

    cutest baby on the internet award goes to harper. always always always, she wins. her little face!

  4. Awwww, so sweet. She's the bomb, and you look so happy, too. It's fun to see her love the toys you and Clay grew up with. I have been gravitating to the toddler section when I have to go shopping, and I look at all of the little girl threads. Such cute things. What size does Harper wear? I thought 24M, but then I wondered about 2T or 18M. (By the way...thank you for the nice text message reply.)

  5. @gigi: 'more to love' doll?? is it like...fat? it's always weird to see what the hell they're gonna fall for. (i'm still trying to get her to ride a ride toy...no luck. harumph.)

    @lyndall: sesame street these days isn't quite as cool, but it's still pretty great. they really write for the adults, too, so it's not a horror to watch... and yes yes! you must make it when your summer rolls around. i highly suggest throwing in an herbal tea bag (like mint or berry) with the black tea to give it a kick.

    @krista: muah! you is too kind. also, you could always make your parents house a whatev zone and keep your house kinda sparse? obvs i don't give a shiz what she plays with elsewhere and she has a ball at other people's houses...


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