Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Thank you, Veronica Mars (yes, I'm only now watching season 2)


1) Having THE BEST theme music of all time. And I know and love a lot of themes. It's like, I want to dance and then kick ass and then be awesome at life and then kick more ass and also it somehow perfectly evokes the Southern Cali vibe.

2) Just being incredibly smart and creepy and snarky and emo.

3) For perfectly timing (on ... my DVD playa?) an episode about wanting to get even with another girl for doing something shitty, but rising above it. Because I battled so fiercely with that today. (Hi, girls! You read this blog! Stop talking/emailing shit behind people's backs! What goes around comes around!) And it almost taught me a lesson.

4) Logan and Veronica aka EYE CANDY CENTRAL DOT COM.


  1. jim got me into veronica mars and i love her too! i really like how her dad is all, "now, veronica, i really don't want you going to that part of town alone at night." and then veronica just does it anyway. she do what she want.

  2. honey badger doesn't care.

  3. #3 cracked me up. I used to watch Rachel Zoe Project once in a while (for the fashion and and the bitchiness of course). One of the best quotes - RZ's in a girl fight and says to her hubs: "I can’t say anything because I’m too busy taking the high road. ... I hate the high road.”


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