Sunday, July 17, 2011

As the week begins

This is what my baby lady looks like when she's sick.

And all that purple? That's what our mystery plant became. Not bad!

Hope you had a nice weekend, people pants. I liked ours: Buncha meals out in our little 'hood with a well-behaved todd, long walks around (and around) the block while H pushes her stroller, sun tea on the back deck with mint from the garden, fresh lettuce dropped off by a neighbor who had extra, eucalyptus salt baths, and sleeping in while my loves had a date.

The week ahead probably won't be a super fun one, but the weekend has properly refreshed me to take it all in stride. And I'll make sure to plan some treats along the way, of course. Here's to rollin with it!


  1. wish we had one of the semi-tears she had watering most of weekend. so sad... and cute... and sad...and cute...

  2. Clay and Amy, her awesome hair fluff had me at hello....

  3. Oh, poor little thing. I agree with your mom, the hair fluff was the first thing I noticed :) And the cute skirt and top-how sweet she looks.


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