Friday, July 08, 2011

A few for Friday

My fav little summer dress. A very Harps moment right here.

Helping cc's mom water the garden.

- A couple Tejas pics I've been slow, slow to upload.

- Last night, Manj and I had a really fancy date. We ate dinner at Chili's (this was genuinely exciting to us both) and then a late (10:30 -- who am I?!) showing of Bridesmaids. Oh em gee, was it hilar. Neither of us could remember the last time we really belly laughed at a movie. Tho the two other people in the theater with us were silent...? Inexplicable.

- The "song" section of Caillou makes me want to die. I could write better "songs" in my sleep and I'm pretty sure I do.

- Tomorrow, we leave for SF thru Wednesday. Semi last minute trip, tagging along with cc who has a work thing. I'll get to see friends and walk along Crissy Field and sip a spicy hot chocolate and wear long sleeves and hopefully visit Billy the Doorman. We definitely miss the BayArea and my heart is panging just thinking of it.

- What should I do with a can of sweetened, condensed milk? I randomly bought a can the other day and now it keeps taunting me.

- Sleeping from 1-6 is not enough for me anyzmlerj zzzzzzzzzzzzz


  1. These pictures are my fixes;thank you. Will you help me with the cam sometime soon? Movies...I have wanted to see Bad Teacher, but all my teacher friends have been offended by lang, etc. I know I would probably think it is hilarious; I will go to Bridesmaids instead. (And still go to see Teacher!) Have fun in SF. Don't try this at home :), but I have heard friends say you can open a can of condensed milk, leave in can, set can in pan of water, cook gently until it turns to caramel. Pour over ice cream. Or just take a 5lb bag of sugar, cream with 1 lb of butter and eat:) I do know my mom use to make a cherry cream cheese pie with condensed milk. Love you all.

  2. Anonymous11:05 AM

    Re: sweetened condensed milk-

    Make key lime pie! There are always super simple recipes on the back of key lime juice, which you can buy at virtually any grocery store. The ingredients needed are something like graham cracker crust (pre-bought is a-okay!), key lime juice, and condensed milk. Okay, maybe a little more than that, but you get the point..

  3. Mmmmm, my mom uses sweetened condensed milk to make 7-layer bars...but how about this recipe for "Bonbon Jovi":

    I love this name!

    And those pictures!

  4. I was going to say key lime pie... But anonymous beat me to it. Or you could just put the condensed milk on toast. Fat kid treats

  5. Great pics. I heard bridesmaids was funny. I hate I missed it.

  6. Condensed milk is really good in coffee! (Or tea). I mean, your arteries probably won't thank you, but it will taste delicious~


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