Thursday, July 21, 2011


Oooo eeee these summer days are long, my friends! And not necessarily in a good way! I kiiiiid I kid. We're actually having quite a bit of what the kids call "fun", but dude -- it takes orchestrating. I alternate between pulling my hair out over her tantrums and impressive constant stubbornness and crying real tears because I love her so and ohmyno she's not my baby anymore and slow down, time, slow dowwwwwwn!

After her nap today, I pulled off her jammies and dipe and handed her a ripe peach out on the back deck. Her little naked self running around and giggling and gurgling and patting her chest "baby baby baby" and the juice dripping down her round belly and the wet kisses... Oh, it was just 100 million percent why I spend all my hours with her face. To live inside those moments and add them to my brain to come back to again and again and again and forever.


  1. I think I just had a cute heart attack. That photo is beyond. And I can so relate to EVERYTHING you said in this post - H has metamorphosed into this stubborn, opinionated, fiercely independent, at times, throw his head back and yell tantrum mongerer (usually at mealtime!)...and then he does the sweetest, cutest stuff and I'm just filled with happy.

  2. Love it. Sounds as if you have a handle on it, and orchestrating is the perfect word.

  3. Christie6:34 PM

    Eeeek! Pure deliciousness!!! Dropped the clothes off at yo mama's house tonight. Can't wait to see you wickedly supery dupery soon!!!

  4. Christie6:36 PM

    P.s. The crocs? I die and shed 1 billion tears. Thatisall.


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