Sunday, July 24, 2011

In chronological order

Saturday morning, I slept in (joy of joy of joys) while Harps and cc hit up the hoppin early morning Denver scene on a brekky date. (I love how he always takes her out in her jammies.) She ate a big bowl of berries and picked out all the mushrooms in his omelet and I snored.

Now, hopefully only like 3 people from Denver read this and none of them are parents of toddlers? Because I'mma tell you what I've discovered: the Children's Museum on the weekend is superunbusy. It's the perfect thing to do with her when the heat is unbearable and we're still lots of hours away from naptime. Above? That's us in the "Apothecary" asking dad if he'd like some apothecary things.  

This last pic is one of my favorites in a long while. Sums up the...weirdness of being a toddler mama. What's happening? We're out to brunch (we really like to eat out OKAY?!) at this veggie place I want to live inside and we've been waiting a long time. And she's beyond hungry and we've already had to take away the crayons (munch munch crunch) and hide the salt/pepper (pour pour pour), but she somehow grabbed the sugar shaker and dumped a bunch out. As I'm cleaning it up, I drop a little on her tongue. She's so into it, and finally happy after many moons of being restless, that I just hold out my hand for her and let her... eat sugar. Mother of the year, guys.

(Oh and my nails? A delicious purple called "I'm a Belieber" because maybe Justin Bieber did something to it? No idea, but I love my nails.)

That was our little weekend, frands. Sweet and simp and now, as we pair up lonely hearts socks and sip herbal teas, coming to a sleepy end.


  1. My Monday is complete after seeing these pictures. I loved the first one until I scrolled to the third. Your expression is priceless. Going to visit my mom, and she always wants to see your blog. Have a good beginning of this week.

  2. Glad Harper can realize her apothocary dreams a la Children's Museum. All those pictures are swoon-worthy.


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