Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Okay, you plant people

What in the what is this thing?

I know it's hard to ignore the candy to the left, but...focus to the right.

Our landlord (who actually lives next door and would just tell me if I asked -- but that's not fun, duh) explained to me early on that our front yard was landscaped to be a no-mow, low-maintenance, desert type look. When I got back from my trip, a lot of the elements had started to grow and bloom.

We have tons and tons of lavender (if I get my act together, I'll try and make something yummy tasting/smelling with it) and roses (I can't see how those are low maintenance, but okay?) and other things I don't understand, but are clearly supposed to be there. Then there's the thing up above.

There are huge, huge spurts of it and it just looks weedy to me. Maybe because it's grown so quick and there's just so much? And maybe because I've only seen it in one other person's yard and that person's yard was a little overgrown? But on the other hand, it's a pretty color and the leaves smell really delicious. I have a feeling I'm being really nimwitty about this one -- it's either a super obvious weed a la dandelion or a super obvious real plant like a nasturtium. (I actually know what those look like, somehow.)

So! Tell me, tell me. Am I shaming my family by keeping these suckers growing? Or am I a totally awesome gardener lady. And....go!

*edited to add* Alright, I was just out in the garden on our morning walk and saw a teeny tiny maybe-purple thing showing up one on stalk...could THIS be lavender and the other thing just a pretty purple flower that looks just like lavender, but isn't? Because, I mean, this one really does smell delish and the other doesn't...I'M CLUELESS. Bye!


  1. A weed. :\

    Ok wait I should admit I know nothing about plants. I just know that I get something similar when we don't mow and stuff for a while. And it grows super fast. It could actually be some rare, exotic flower ;)

  2. I'm sorry, but I can't ignore the candy on the left (special note: pink crocs, OMG).

  3. I think it might be Russian Sage - looks a little like lavender, smells good, and apparently is a perennial. Either way, it looks pretty when it blooms!

    Harper's little blue suit-thingy is the cutest thing in the world. How do you do it?

  4. ooh i had forgotten about russian sage. meredith is probably right on the money! esp. since it doesn't smell quite like lavendar and it does look more like a weed to me!

  5. @Meredith: YES! You win the prize! I checked the leaves/stems against online pics and it's a total match for Russian Sage. And I'm not supposed to do anything, but watch it grow. Ha. Huzzah and thanks!

  6. I used to have some perovskia (another name for it)...I can't blame you for thinking it's a weed as it's sometimes referred to as a weedy perennial- aka one that sort of opens up and flops...it looks a lot like some artemisias that grow by the side of the road and also smell good....mom

  7. I totally would have pulled that sucker out of the ground. I only recognize lilies, hostas, coneflowers or roses. Everything else must shudder in my prescence.

    But all I really wanted to say was...The blonde hair! I can't get over it! Sorry, I grew up around black/brown hair so blonde hair almost seems like a fairytale. Like unicorns!

  8. @celina: i still think i might rip some out -- it's about to eat my house! and ahahaha re: unicorns... my little bro and cc were both blondies for their whole childhood then turned v dark brown, so i'm thinking that'll be her! :)

  9. No, cannot ignore the eye candy on the left. Matching buttons, Crocs, and that concentration on her face;too cute. And those tufts of hair are really growing fast. As far as the sage, maybe it could be pruned to become denser.


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