Sunday, October 09, 2011

Ack! I haz blog, don't I?

Little Orphan Annie enjoys a grape.

Woah! Major radio silence. Lo siento! Forgot to mention ahead of time, but cc and HJ and I went on (and the latter ladies are still on) a top secret mission trip. I'm semi serious. I'm also sort of feeling lazy about recounting all the travel, so for now I'll just say we've been everywhere in New England ever and boy are my arms tired.

I made the strange decision not to bring a computer, so I can only typey type when I can steal/borrow a loaner and it hasn't been often.

Right now, I'm so honkin tired I can't even. Second night in a row of solo drivin to a wedding (with both ways being 2 hours) and I can't really see straight. Pretty sure I heard that Adele song 25,000 times and pretty sure I was okay with it every single one.

By the way, do you ever behave in a super-mature-for-you way and look around to get a high five or something? But then of course no, no one but your mom would probably do that. So you just give yourself little mini high fives in the bathroom stall and drink some more coffee? That just happened. It was nice!

Off to snooze land. I'll get back on this!


  1. holy christmas look at that face and her top - Harper is the new IT girl.

    Also high fives, but not really, and you know why.

    lovelovelove seeing you! xo!

  2. @nik: I for real love you.

    And thank you for putting up with my neuroses all night.

    (AND real playdates on a consistent basis happening SOON!)

  3. well, you've been outed as to one location by another blog in my reader :)

    I was worried, till I saw the post of H and friend, and then I breathed a sign of relief.

    So strange to worry about someone you've never met because they don't post pictures for a week.

  4. Oh - wait - just saw that Nikki IS the bra factory, where I read about where you were :)

  5. @Gigi: You sleuth! ;) And thank you for worrying about me! Oftentimes, a blog disappearance isn't a good thing, but this was! More on that later :)

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  7. is it weird that i keep coming back to look at this picture? I mean, does she not channel Twiggy in this photo?

  8. @nik: I think she does, too! But I'm her mom ha. I kinda never want her hair to grow ...

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