Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Could I get dorkier? No.

Meghan, Cal, Steph, moi, Nik. (Reuinted and it feels so gooooooood.) 

Sunday I attended a seriously gorgeous wedding in the woods of Massachusetts. The ceremony was by a pond, we chatted under towering pines, and finished the night toasting s'mores around a campfire. Hello. But best of all, I got to catch up with many of my best friends from growing up. Dude, I chose wisely back then because I still love these ladies (and fellas) and would make them my own again, 15+ years later. I talked and laughed and talked and laughed and it was great. (And exhausting. I actually got in the car and cried for a second before going home? It was...too much to process or something.)

Okay but also. Look at the picture up top. Ain't we cute? But also. Why am I so dorky? Why am I holding a beer bottle like I'm 12 and it's my first time drinking? (12 was not my first time drinking -- don't worry, parental units. I was much too busy reading Johnny Tremain alone in my room and listening to Abbey Road on repeat.) And what's up with my legs akimbo stance? I was gettin ready to do my booty shake dance that showed up a couple hours later on the dance floor, I s'pose...

Anywho. Awesome night dot com. And I'm a nerd. Bye!


  1. Hahahahha the way you're holding that beer bottle is totally makeing me lol. I wouldn't have noticed unless you pointed it out, but it looks like it should have a curly straw in it.

    And MY do you know what you're doing on the dance floor! I think all the boyfs want us to get a lesson from you. Rump shake, etc. Then we can do Mama/toddler yoga, also led by you.


    on the pic: I LOVE US!!

  2. Anonymous7:19 AM

    Glad you had fun! I have a similar wedding this Feiday

    Now I've spent much of my life referencing Johnny Tremain, specifically his melted hand. Just one mire reason to get together in person someday. We can talk about ol' Melty Paw and reenact the pivotal scene when it happens. God that would be awesome.

    Mothership (sadly with two regular hands)

  3. Love that dress...in fact, love all those dresses! So glad you got to catch up with your gals. P.s. no shame in crying about how hot you are on the dance floor. :)

  4. christie11:54 AM

    Steph looks so pretty! Fun!

    Yup, you look totally dorky. And I completely love you for it. I've never mastered holding a bottle of beer, either. Are you supposed to hold it down lower on the bottle? With your whole hand? Only a few fingers and your thumb? Which fingers? Hold it up high, or let your arm drop down? I DON'T KNOW.

  5. You look so cute Am! I love that color on you! :)

  6. You guys look adorable. There is nothing like lifelong pals. They are the best. So glad you all lived it up at the wedding.

  7. awww, you guys look so pretty! hearts!!!

  8. You look like a pixie from the woods that crashed the party.

  9. @nik: i'll create a flatbum dancing vid teaching the rump shake. $9.99. i love us, too!!

    @mothaship: so much to discuss re: johnny.

    and thanks everyone else ... loved my cheapy h&m special!

  10. Rumpshake lessons!! No seriously, I need them.
    That was the MOST fun wedding.... I had so much fun.
    I look insane with bad posture in that picture and with bad hair... haha.


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