Thursday, October 13, 2011

Out to eat

If she's got crayons and a coloring book (or random napkin scrap) she'll stay pretty focused and content. If the restaurant doesn't have 'em, we can play sugar packet games or move around the hot sauce bottles. There's also sipping water ("izzzzzzy" if it's sparkling) and crunching ice. We can get time to move along, but it's fairly exhausting.

I need to pull my act together, bite the bullet, and make a Kid Kit for all our eating out adventures. Come on, BabySitter's Club fans. You know you're out there.


  1. Everly used to be so good when we went out to eat. Now she's just... I don't know. She doesn't have the patience she used to, she wants us to hold her, everything is horrible, blah blah blah. Last night I let her play with mashed potatoes and rub them all over her face/hair/outfit/us just so we could eat.

    I am going to have to make a Kid Kit. :|

  2. Targets dollar bins. Mine hates coloring, so we have a little book of pictures of his friends. And a little car that we make a garage for out of odds and ends on the table.

  3. ahh a kindred spirit. I'm a huge babysitter club fan. Stacy was my favorite of course. Stylish, but could possibly drop dead at any moment from low blood sugar! I loved the drama.

  4. Emily1:02 PM

    I always make sure we have little snacky things for him so that he doesn't have to sit forever and wait on food. We also take turns playing with him out of his high chair until it's time to eat so that he doesn't have to sit forever! But yeah I keep little toys that only come into restaurants with us so that they seems new and fresh to him. Good luck:)

  5. I thought it was so cool that Stacy and I shared a last name! I felt sorta, uh, famous?

    Ah yes, the kid kits...I always have a little bag in my purse of random things: a plastic snake from the dentist, a couple small board books, a box of crayons, a small notebook, a puzzle, a mis-matched deck of Old Maid, a couple sparkly necklaces...yeah, my purse is huge.

    Harpah is getting so big!

  6. miss my ladies. not gonna lie.

  7. Anonymous5:31 AM

    @CC: For a moment I thought you were missing your Babysitters Club ladies and I was worried... then I got the reference : )

  8. @Kalen: Harper was good, then she was bad ("bad") and now she's good again...if kept busy. I'd guess Everly's just hitting that weird stage where she realizes there's so much more to do outside her highchair but isn't quite interested in all the coloring busywork yet. It'll happen!

    @Celina: I LOVE THE DOLLAR BINS! Love this idea.

    @Gigi: The diabetes drama was so f'ing intense! I wanted to be both her and Claudia. Her outfits were so hip, all those off-the-shoulder tunics and scrunchy socks. Sigh.

    @Mandy: You would have been 100% famous in my book! Love the idea of a literal bag of tricks..

    @cc: We miss dadpants, too. Back in love again tomorrowwww.

    @Anonymous: HA!

  9. must resist temptation to buy car while unsupervised...

  10. OMG........ your blog is awesomly cute:)Baby is more cte.New to your blog .Follow each other .

  11. One day I am going to sit down and re-read all of the Babysitter's Club books. Remember the 'Little Sister' series? And how every book had to remind you that Karen had TWO pairs of glasses, one blue and one pink? Haha.

    We love going out for eats over here and I'm a little terrified of how having a baby will change that! I guess lots of indulging when it is small and sleepy, then lots of grandma babysitting/pizza nights at home later on...


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