Thursday, October 20, 2011

Thursday's always been my favorite day

Coloring at the park with Dada. (Body art is much more interesting, however.)

Happy Thursday, trusty friends!

Right now, I'm:

  • Eating my third "fun size" (not fun enough) Butterfinger of the morning. Durn Halloween.
  • Listening to Charlie Brown Christmas on repeat. Every morning, dudes.
  • Wearing in my new Target flowery thermal shirt. I get a couple every few months at 15ish dolla a pop and wear 'em to death.
  • Listening to HJ and cc play quietly together in the upstairs loft. And suddenly a huge thump. Uh.
  • Looking forward to getting my hairs did this afternoon.
  • Giddy for Project Runway tonight. Team...I don't know? I miss Anthony Ryan.
  • Reading pages of this book.
  • Closing the computer for a long walk in the yellow leaves with my lady.


  1. Beautiful eyelashes...blonde hair? Nice to be able to draw with either hand...not a gene she gained from her grandmother cc. What a pretty little lady:)


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