Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Safety first

Guys. It's impossible to be too safe. (And backward is cuter, duh.)

What a strange week we're having. Lame duck status in your own home feels weird. I'm being really lazy about the dishes and laundry and everything else cleaning related because, well, who cares? I'll be out in 5 days and then a massive cleaning crew is coming? Tough to get jazzed for sweeping when random dudes are about to bust through your door and pack all your pots and pans and toothpastes into boxes labeled Cohen. Or Dowan. Depending on what mood they're in.

I've said most of my goodbyes and now we're just waiting to hurdle over a couple more hurdles before we hop on a plane and fly East. (Um, we should probably buy those tickets, cc?) I'm finding it hard to really believe we'll be over in another land come a week -- just like I found it hard to believe I was graduating high school or college when I still had 5 major papers to write and 12 missing library books to find under my bed. Until it's all wrapped up in a bow and done done done, I won't really think it's real. But hey, I do have that BU diploma hiding out somewhere (in my mom's closet maybe?), so if it happened before it'll happen again...Right?

Night, lovelies.


  1. Cracking up at those pictures!

    Yay for moving (and for letting things be funky for awhile).

  2. Laughing aloud is good; thanks for my laugh today. The Cohen.dowan is also funny. When I subbed in 3 rd grade last week, after drawing the picture of the cow under my name, a little girl says," Is it ok if we call you McCowan?" Sure,why not. Enjoy your last week.

  3. Cindy, that's funny- while living in Scotland, Maloof got changed to McLoof....Judy


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