Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Snow day

Messy, snowday house. Backyard tree bending low, waaaay low. 

We woke up this morning and it had snowed like a moth-ah. And it kept snowing all day long, into the late afternoon and early evening. Dibble dibble dop dop dibble dibble dop dop. (Mr. Brown anyone anyone?)

I'd say we got 9 inches? Because most of the leaves are still cozy on their branches, the look was crazy pretty -- trees smooching the sidewalks and branches jumping ship. I took Harps on a walk early this morning after her face lit up at the sight, and some dude scolded me for having her outside under trees. Blergh. Just trying to have a lil fun, meanman. (But he was right, really.)

It was one of those really cozy and nice days, once we accepted we were stuck inside. (Tho we did all sneak out this morning before the roads were too heinous for a deelicious brunch down the street...) We colored and played with stickers and Skyped with my mom and took naps and read books and ate a lot of mushrooms. (She really, really, really loves cooked mushrooms.)

Watchin a little Caillou. 

Oh, and HJ and I made a grapefruit-and-honey cake together (from the new Mario Batali cookbook which I am licking with love) and then we all three sat at the white table and enjoyed a slice each. (And then I cleaned the bathtub with the leftover grapefruits because I read about it on Pinterest and I guess it made it cleaner? At least I felt like I was doing something earthy and special.)

And then she went to bed and we tried to stay awake and be hip (watch our shows), but sometimes a full long day inside is weirdly exhausting. So it's 9:00 and I'm typing this in bed and I think cc is already asleep. I'm trying to take deep breaths and focus on what a happy day we had and not on this friend...situation that makes brain dribble out my ears. Because it's all going to be behind me in a week -- and life's too short to let your brain dribble. Preach!

(And apropos of nothing side note I realized with a startle today: No one ever tells you being a mom means getting super excited for UPS to come so you can see her try out a new kind of sippy you ordered on Amazon. No one tells you this.)


  1. I have a little problem with sippy cups. And cloth diapes, and hats...and spoons.

    I totally get it.

    But, really, T doesn't have excessive stuff.

  2. Wow! Look at that snow! I heard your 'hood was on lock down (and power down too). So nice to have a cozy day, inside, with the little fam and Mr. Brown too.

    That cake sounds delish. I also put grapefruit skins down the disposal?

    Happy packing and hanging out in your home before the big mooove. Am thinking of you all! xoxo

  3. so nice of the D to give you a last big, pretty snow day before your departure! really get annoyed with unsolicited advice (that isn't positive)!! love boxes from anywhere (and cut them up to make really sweet coloring boards - so picasso... enjoy your cozy days and look fwd to having y'all on the Right Coast (or is it Left?) I'm from Michigan so I do the mitten hand thing for the state so I look at the US from that angle ;) right, high time for my nap!


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