Sunday, October 16, 2011

Press play on some David Bowie

Our daily walk.

Your trusty gypsy lady is packing up her hobo bag (the kind on a stick you sling over your shoulder while smoking a corncob pipe and kicking a can) and heading East with her family.


It's true, friends. We've officially lost our minds and are officially moving yet again. This time it's for keepsies, though. (Okay, I'm making no permanent claims on exact city or state for 10+ years, but the general area, yes!)

The lurvely and handsome and so-smart-it's-kind-of-annoying cc snagged a great gig at a company in Connecticut and we're packing up all our little and big things next month to head that way. It's kind of unbelievably exciting and great, but also stressful and small parts sad. While it's no secret I've been angling to get back near my people since life changed in some major ways (that'd be with baby and health stuff), once the decision had been made (last week) I got an instant pang about leaving my pretty little bungalow and the people who have been so good to us during such a crazy year.

Changes, even when they're ones you want, are bumpy feeling. Harps will tell you all about it -- her least favorite thing in all the land are transitions. (Hold onto your head if you try and get her to leave somewhere. Or change activity. Or put on a sweatshirt.)

So! Yes! Wild and nuts, no? And hilarious that we're moving to definitely the WASPiest and yuppiest place on planet earth. (But also v close to NYC via train. I will be seeing Alvin Ailey shows whenever I damn well please huzzah!)

Cue an insane month!


  1. Anonymous7:36 PM

    Oh my! How exciting and crazy! Hope all the best for you!

  2. Uh, so you're moving to the actual state in which I live? That's crazy talk! I must have more details.

    Good luck with the move; it will definitely be crazy, but you've survived it before!

  3. This is so fabulous!

  4. ch-ch-changes indeed! yippee! Thanksgiving in Connecticut! And play dates in Central Park!

  5. i'm jealous! living close to NYC but not IN NYC is basically my wildest dream.

  6. Hooray for the Cowans! I wish I was there so I could play with Harper while you pack, uh, I mean help you pack? :)

    Congrats to you all!

  7. How exciting! It sounds like it will be nice for you to be close to all your family! Hope all the moving goes smoothly~

    When I think of CT I think of the cute little town in Gilmore Girls, hehe. Maybe you will end up living in Stars Hollow :p

  8. Thanks ya'll!

    @Meredith: We'll be in the Greenwich area (or a little North...we have to house hunt!). Where is your school??

    @Leanora: Oh, girlfriend. There will SO be CP playdates...H and H holding hands and watching the polar bears. Sigh.

    @Lyndall: Ooo! I like that reference. Sometimes CT feels on the boring side, but GG! Yeah! ;)

  9. Yay! It is oh so nice to have family close by.

    And super yay for Alvin Ailey!

  10. Welcome to train travel - we are off on the train thursday and friday - to check out Wall Street and see a Lewis Black show in NJ.

  11. Greenwich!? I LOVE Greenwich!! OMG - I'm soo excited for you!!!!!!! Can we please have a date when you are back on the East Coast?!

  12. About an hour north - New Milford.


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