Saturday, August 30, 2008

warm weather

has finally hit san francisco. because here in our lovely city by the bay, the sun doesn't hit till september and october. just in time for me to not wear all those scrumptious corduroys and boots and tights in every store/catalog/show. but i'll shhhh because why in hell would i complain when my dreams finally came true?

today, we celebrated the weather by taking a long trip on the vespa, side-by-side mike and rachel, who also rock a scooter (i tell you, people really clear out when they hear our rough gang cruising by). we drove through pacific heights, the castro, noe valley (must! move! there!), and ended up in the mission.

our end spot was a lunch spot - the st. francis fountain - that mike discovered recently. check out the picture below - a real, old-fashioned diner with a lunch counter and a fountain that makes malts and a glass display case selling gargage pail kids! my heart swoons for places like these - gems nestled in hidden neighborhoods, not too overrun with hipsters, and full of old timey stuffs. we sat outside, people watched and chit-chatted, treated ourselves to cheesy goodnesses, and sipped our caffeine in sunny splendor. sometimes it seems plain crazy that we ever consider moving from here.

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