Monday, September 01, 2008

perhaps this is tmi

but i've given up anti-sweat sticks. something just started to creep me out about artificially stopping the drip. with all the bad stuff we breathe in everyday - fumes from the effing tarring truck always on my street, for example -that our bodies have to get rid of, i don't really feel like blocking one of the main exits. and with all those rumblings, unproven but plenty, about aluminum contributing to alzheimers and breast cancer - well, i'm done.

so i bought this stuff in unscented. and i love it. it goes on a little sticky, with a slight lemony whiff, but after two days (applied both mornings) without showering (uh, just trying to save water?), i still smell fresh. and honestly, i don't even feel all that sweaty. if i were heading out to run a marathon (never), maybe i'd go back to the old stuff, but i'm fully sold. okay! hippie shill over.


  1. I feel like I should be consulted on these things...pre-purchase.

  2. Auntie Mef3:15 PM

    Or you could try this: which is quite satisfying and doesn't leave that nasty white powdery stain on your clothing...but then again, I love it that you are using a product from by beloved state of Maine!


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