Tuesday, September 16, 2008

do you know who i met online?

my husband.

i'd describe that confession as not-that-shocking, tho kind-of-interesting, wouldn't you? but you'd be surprised how many people "don't believe it!" it's because we're so gosh darn cute, right? right?

let's rewind to summer 2004.

i was bored in small town massachusetts, just graduated from bu, listening to peter gabriel in cutoffs with my little brother and looking for a reason to spend the day in boston.

clay was in la, about to move to boston for biz school, wearing bright yellow jackets and designer denim and looking to line up a few dates before he cruised into town.

it was love!

now, he'll lie to you when asked, but it was i who found him. (really.) see, on match.com you have to write a headline next to your picture. something, inevitably embarrassing, that will really reel 'em in. most chicks just put on bikinis. (i wore a turtleneck sweater and an army jacket.) but clay's line really did work on me. it said:

did you just call me coltrane?

which is a line from one of my favorite scenes, from one of my favorite movies. (of course, his bikini picture helped too.)

so yep yep, i emailed something witty and charming and very just-done-with-college ("i just went shopping for a suit"), he emailed back something witty and charming and very just-about-to-start-grad-school ("i just gave away all my suits"), we went to the museum of fine arts a few weeks later and the rest is history.

but i still think it's funny how judgey people are about all this internet business. in the early days, sure, because everyone thought someone looking for love online was an axe murderer. but now?

awhile back, at my ad job, i was setting up materials for a meeting with a bunch of my girlfriends. the topic of online dating came up and before i could jump in and tell my story, they all started yelling on top of each other, slamming it, shuddering, gagging at the thought. and mind you, all these ladies were (are) quite single and quite unpleased about it. i could have fought that fight, but instead i just put on my mona lisa smile, and headed out the door to call my wedding planner.

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    Um I love this. And I think online dating is the new cool. And judging is the ALWAYS NOT COOL.

    V. cute story!!!

    If I were single I'd be all over asiandate.com.


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