Tuesday, September 30, 2008


sometimes i feel perfectly okay with my lack-of-job-ness. i make lunch, i make dinner, i make the bed, i accept things will work themselves out and enjoy my quiet time.

but then days like today hit and i feel like puking every ten minutes. my head buzzes with 12,000 questions and deadlines and worries and judgments and i feel insane for quitting my job with no plan. the smallest things set me off, sending me into such a spiral of self-doubt and panic i can barely swallow.

er, this is getting intense.

point is, this song (with the real record crackling in the background, yea!) is like popping a tranquilizer whenever i start to spin out. i love it, i love billy j, and i know things'll be alright.

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  1. Billy Joel makes everything better. He's the cats pajamas...


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