Friday, September 26, 2008

the apron

have you heard of it? it's a really great invention - right up there with sliced bread!

i've had two of them hanging off my refrigerator for a year now, but i never thought to tie one on. it just seemed like one extra step in an already complicated dance called cooking-in-a-very-small-kitchen. but i'm trying to make more foods these days to save some moola and just, you know, be a grownup.

for many a day i felt frustrated by how filthy my jeans got after one wearing. the oily peanut butter smears, the dried egg yolks, the flour powder. do other people just get naked to cook? is that how they keep their clothes clean? and then i looked over one day, and the cutest apron ever, homemade by my friend caroline for a christmas present, covered specially in a tea cup print to honor my addiction, winked at me. and i fell deeply, irreversibly in love.

it's like a big napkin you can wear! that's got pockets! and kind of feels like a pulled-together outfit! and it makes me feel all feminine and feminist simultaneously, somehow. also: as happy as i am with my current choice, i think i may have just stumbled across that all-important thing-i-can-collect. you know, for when people ask me what i want as a gift or i'm, uh, spending hours at a time on etsy, the site that is the answer to every crafty dream, and i want to drop a few bucks that i don't have.

or maybe i could just make my own?


  1. omg. i'm obsessed with aprons. it just makes housework seem more officious.

  2. christie12:52 PM

    I cooked today (I know... I don't know what came over me) and I remembered your lovely blog about aprons. So, I searched through the pantry (aka stairs to the basement) and found myself a lovely, little ole apron. Man, did that make the task much more enjoyable! Especially with a belly the size of a watermelon! My shirt stayed clean!

  3. Anonymous2:20 PM

    Amy, I love aprons from the 50's. Never have much opportunity to wear them, but I now have a good idea of what to get you for Christmas. But Clay might "weigh" its value and ounces to see if it is worthy for the small spaces. Maybe a sheer voile with red and gold sparkle rickrack for Christmas? CindyC


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