Tuesday, September 16, 2008

oh, baby

anyone who's spent more than, say, an hour with me knows i'm baby-obsessed. as in, i must force myself into thinking about the things i want to accomplish before motherhood (career progression, solo time wit my man, travel to far-off lands, learn how to roast a chicken and keep my tub clean) or i'd "forget" to take my pill and "accidentally" get knocked upp-ed. it would make sense if this had just kicked in, being recently nuptialized and all, but nope, it's been this way for quite some time. (eighth grade methinks? i devoured episodes of a baby story on the couch while shoveling plates of spaghetti into my mouth. then wondered why my cheeks were chubby. but that's another story.)

today i caught up over the phone with a boston friend i haven't talked with in a year (two years?). after the obligatory small talk, we dished about former coworkers, weddings, and home ownership before my mouth, without a permission slip, blurted out:

so when are you having a baby?

what in the hell is wrong with me? it's a sickness, people, and i can't slow its spreading. even when i start out a conversation or a date or a day with the intention to stop talking about babies for the love of all that is good, i can't. i need a muzzle and medication.

when she launched into her reasons for abstaining from motherhood, probably forever, i felt even crazier. she was spouting the words of any red-blooded, ambition-driven, poster-girl-for-the feminists american woman (cue music) and my comeback was: "i think about gnawing on baby cheeks for 74% of my day." (6% being allotted to peanut butter, 15% the job search, and 5% how to beat rockband.)

and we wonder why most times i just stick to email...


  1. christie10:18 AM

    The offer still stands: Come be my nanny! The pay stinks, there are no benefits, the hours are early (and late), but...BUT!... there will be a baby involved come December. Please???

  2. i wish i wish i wish i wish!!

    if bja is still jobless come december i'm taking an extended east coast sojourn!!! baby o, i heart you already!! xo

  3. I second this idea.

  4. christie6:03 AM

    CC, I heart YOU! Send Amy NOW!!

  5. there's a 4-year-old Texan up for grabs anytime!!! She's pretty sweet. But seriously, Amy, C and i were married for NINE, countthem, NINE years before having Connelly. While i wouldn't necessarily recommend that seeing as though we are "the old parents" at preschool now, I would most assuredly say give it a year or two...and Clay, you will be a phenomenal Dad one day. Just wish you guys were closer...

  6. haha i think cc was seconding christie's idea of me being her baby nanny and getting the baby cheeks out of my system. NOT the idea of me having our own just yet. trust me on that! :)

  7. CC, your best plan to cure bja's ailment is to send her east for a few days...just an afternoon with the little hooligans will go a long way towards bringing her around - trust me! (And Lord knows, I love them dearly!!)


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