Sunday, September 07, 2008

don't panic

a pod person didn't steal me away, i just happened to have, uh, er, drafted my first fantasy football league today?! you see, unless you partake in such a thing, or are blind/deaf/mute, the months of september through january whilst married to a hardcore nfl fan are...long. and so, after four years of sitting on the sidelines (har har), i took the plunge. actually, cc did, on my behalf...

after i got home from bookclub last week, complaining to him about my friends' cooler-than-me status for having a team, he rallied the troops and put together a last minute 8 person league. the league name, if you're curious, is "san francisco values" (godless, vegetarian, flowers in our hair, etc). my team name? "murder she wrought" - angela would be proud. if she had any clue what any of this meant.

the actual live draft was stressful and awesome. there was instant message trash talking ("wtf??!?!?! i hate you!!!!!!" - me, to my brother-in-law when he drafted eli manning before i could) as well as in-house spouse-to-spouse sparring. because we joined so late, points and scoring don't count till next week, but i'm still pretty pleased with how my team performed today. my best asset? terrell owens (up top with the popcorn!), professional drama queen and ma' man.


  1. Dharma Initative will prevail!!!! muahahahahhaa.

    yeah, but totally...found out my QB was playing yesterday afternoon and i was all MUST WATCH.

  2. ha murder she wrought. hahaha

  3. Yeah - BJA has a top shelf squad.

    However, she's currently reading blogs about Mormons during Monday Night Football, so not sure how effective this is going to be for getting into football.


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