Monday, September 15, 2008

a slight revision

it seems that i may have been a wee bit presumptuous, declaring my un-unemployment the other day. sigh, sigh.

you see, day numero uno i: woke up early, made my peanut butter and jelly sammy, put on my red shoes, and headed out the door. i felt butterflies and a slight sense of impending doom, but ignored them because i was about to make a difference! (and make some money!)

i won't go into the gory details, but let's just say the day involved:

1) a supervisor who, 5 minutes in, told me:

i'll understand if you don't come back tomorrow"

2) a student who, 5 minutes in:

threw sand at my face, spit a rock at my head, punched my stomach, ran at my uterus with scissors, called me a mother f*9&er. etc. etc. etc.

at one point, i was standing in the middle of a baseball field, my red shoes soaking wet, my chicken skinny shins getting pummeled, my supervisor with tears in her eyes and my soul yelled NO.

and so. here i am, back on the brown couch: learning lennon/mccartney on the guitar, applying to jobs that promote physical safety, and getting ready for some football.


  1. when did you declare your un-unemployment...did you declare it out loud or in your head? And please don't tell me the scene you described happened in a school?

  2. i *should* have only declared it in my head! that's actually a very good idea for future actuality, i wrote a post about it. and promptly took it down. :)

    and yup! it happened in a school. totally inappropriate and mind boggling. bailing was a no brainer...

  3. christie5:05 AM

    Oh Amy... I told you you were cuh-raazy! I can't even imagine the horror. I was annoyed at my one 6th grader who gave me major attitude for pulling him out of gym class. At least he didn't attack me with scissors.

  4. You REALLY need to move to Texas if you want to work in a school...we beat our kids into submission here...


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