Wednesday, March 17, 2010

6 weeks

Lil HJC will be 6 weeks on Friday. Huh? What? When did that happen? Mom?

Which means it's time (today) for my 6 week check-up with the laydee doctor. I remember thinking that was LIGHT YEARS away right after I pushed Harps out and my OB was up in my grill telling me to make an appointment stat. But I blinked my eyes and suddenly I'm dressing myself and my bug for a quick jaunt down the hill, into some stirrups.

I've read all these things about people being super nervous about this particular milestone. And I'm confused. Should I be nervous? Are they going to make me push out another baby? Will she strip my membranes again? Drill my teeth without novacaine? What in the world could be worse than those things? Honestly, I'm excited to get the go-ahead for things like exercise and, ahem, exercise. It's time to feel like a real person again.

But before we go, may I treat you to a foto? Snapped for papa, who's on the road and needed to see these jeans in action:

We must suffer to be beautiful, Biscuit!


  1. We must suffer to be beautiful and we must have AHEM exercise to make us feel human! Go get 'em at the doctor, Ams!

  2. Haha. I wasn't nervous, except I was afraid my doc would say "ok, you're ready for sex" because no way, no how was that happening at 6 weeks.

    Super cuteee jeans :)

  3. She is stylish and CUTE CUTE CUTE. She looks better than I do.. but I'm okay with that. :)

    Also, JUST realized there's "JC" in Harper's name and those are my initials. YAY. :) (Yes, I'm pathetic.)

  4. apple bottom jeanssss, boots with the furrrr... *dances*

    i'm glad you're "getting back to normal" around them parts.

  5. i was nervous for my 6 weeker but afterwards, i was like "dude, that was nothing!" i mean, after you push a baby out, i think you handle almost ANYthing. when they gave me the go ahead to have sex and exercise, i was like "sex is not even on my mind. disgusting!"


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