Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Not that you need to know this

Before I say anything else -- NO, I am not pregnant again. Sheesh.

But! For some reason, my body thinks it should get ready to make the cute smushy mug above a sibling. What the WHAT?! Isn't nursing supposed to keep all that nonsense away for, like, a year? Maybe 10? Epic body fail.

In other, less revealing, news: We're taking our first plane ride tomorrow. Cue dramatic muzak! We haven't been to Texas to see Clay's family in much too long and there are many people yet to meet the Bisque. So we're packing up some diapers and the Pack 'n Play and hitting the tarmac for an Easter visit.

I'm feeling a wee bit nervous about the whole adventure (coughing passengers! crying baby! explosive-up-the-back-poops-in-a-small-bathroom!), but know it's good to get this under my belt before my mind makes it into something scarier than it really is.

That being said: Pray for us?!


  1. You can do it!!! I hear bottle during take off and landing is key.

    And... dont worry about that other "thing". It can come once and then go away again for like a year.......

  2. can you take the pack and play through gate check for free? just wondering because i'll be traveling with her in may! oh and that "thing" i haven't even had one yet and hannah is almost thirteen weeks old. strange!

  3. Buy all the people around you booze. They care less about crying babies and stinky diapers if they have cocktails in hand. That's what my parents always did and it worked every time.

  4. @nik: did that happen to you?? i feel like that would make me super nervous b/c i'd assume i was preggo all the time! the confusion!

    @jess: i don't know re: pack 'n play! that thing is HEAVY -- i think we're going to check it, but take her stroller/car seat thru gate check. (they let you check that at the plane's entrance.)

    i bet you'll get yours any day now -- be happy it hasn't showed up yet!

    @logan: good idea! if she starts wailing, g&t's for everyone! (i also heard it's a good idea to hand out ear plugs...)

  5. Feeding during landing and take-off works wonders on keeping babies calm and from their little ears popping. I have absolutely no tricks up my sleeve for the bathroom scenario-- I had one heck of a time trying to figure that one out myself! Have a safe flight!

  6. have a great trip! hope the bunny brings you lots of peeps!

  7. Good luck, little fam! <3

  8. That did happen to me.... and yea i should probably take a test. Let's hope i dont have any new BLOG CONTENT ON THE WAY.

  9. I felt that way too, about a week after having Bowie. Give it a year or so, it'll fade ;) (btw, that's "fade", NOT "go away entirely)


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