Tuesday, March 23, 2010

A different kind of baby bump

My little papoose and me.

I'm still working out the kinks and I've still got a few other brands to try out, but dude! Babywearing is so incredibly handy. Of course little Junebug doesn't always want to be RIGHTUPONME -- the lady likes her space, too -- but usually she does.

(And actually in the past few days she's totally realized when I've left her zone and will sometimes cry until I'm back. What in the hell will the stranger anxiety months hold if she's like this at 6.5 weeks?!)

When I actually get the wrap snug enough and her little nose in the right position to breathe and her head not bobbing around, I can get so much stuff done. Holy two hands!

Another bonus? All the crazy looks and waves from rando fans on the street.

*beauty queen wave*


  1. junebug! I love it!

  2. Yeah. What Junebu...er, I mean, Amanda said. :)

    Is that thing a baby hauling device and a shirt wrapped up in one? (Get it? "wrapped up"?!) It looks complicated.

  3. i should call her junebug jr ;)

    ha! i realized after posting, that it looks like a one-stop-shop shirt/wrap...i actually did have a tank on as well - it was just hidden. but how hardcore would i be if i went shirtless around the city?!

  4. FYI


  5. Ah yes, I was waiting for that link.

    The recall is for pouches, which carry babies in the cradle position and make it hard to monitor the baby's head position and breathing. I wear a wrap, which holds her vertical, her head very close to mine and nostrils free. I still have to stay very aware of her breathing -- which I do.

  6. YES, the bumpdates are back!

    i heart the wrap. it's like a little harper burrito.


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