Wednesday, March 10, 2010


I'm getting (slightly) better at not freaking when it's time to take Harper into public places. The thought of mouth breathers mouth breathing on my little scone makes me twitch, but I know I've got to a) start building up her immune system and b) see the light of day now and again.

We've developed a rating system to determine which places are appropriate. It goes like this:

Definitely safe (home) = 0 germs.
Mostly safe (sidewalk) = 1/2 germ.
Just-bearably-safe (cafe on a weekday, in the corner, facing away from all humans) = 1 germ.

Anything above 1 germ? (Grocery store, movie theater, mall, etc.) is OFF LIMITS TO THE BISCUIT.

What? Why're you looking at me like that?

Here's the Harps rockin' out gangsta style at a cafe down the street.

Don't mess!


  1. Remember: exposure to germz will help prevent the biscuit from getting allergies when older. But keep her away from Muni. There's no washing that off.

  2. Ha! Too true. The Muni is like 12787534677 germs.

    And I know you're right re: allergies and immunity-- which is why I really do force myself to take her places and meet new people. It's just...tough.

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  4. Well, hopefully, it'll get easier in the passing weeks. No one says you have to dump her in the middle of a preschool or something right away! Start small and then build that immune system up!


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