Friday, March 05, 2010

We haz aliveness!

Scenes from a couch. Can you spot the Peeps? The dirty diaper? The God-knows-what?

Unless you're my mother, you probably weren't on the edge of your seats, but rest assured -- Glow Worm and I made it through our first night alone healthy and (all things considered) happy.

Harper did great -- completed her eat/sleep/eat/sleep/eat/sleep routine without missing a beat -- and I surprised myself by actually sleeping somewhere in the fog, too. (Instead of obsessively feeling her chest for movement every five minutes or adjusting the temperature of her room to perfection. I still did these things; it just wasn't every five minutes.)

Of course the tough part usually comes the next day, when the adrenaline wears off and you realize there are a lot of hours to fill with a non-speaking cuddle smush. Without Clay taking one of my feeding shifts last night, I'm running on a couple less hours sleep today than usual (when "the usual" is 5ish, "a couple less" makes a big difference) and with him gone until 9 or so tonight? Today hasn't been exactly...pretty.

Not that we're losing our minds over here, the Biscuit and I. It's actually been a lowkey and fairly calm day. We've eaten and napped and pooped. Rinse repeat. It's just the aesthetics of it all leave something (major) to be desired.

I'm wearing a strange hodge podge of sour milky clothes and she hasn't worn much more than a diaper and a blanket. I have paper towels stuffed up inside my shirt to soak up any leaks and there's a spit up stain the size of Iceland on our sheets. My main source of nutrition has been a baggie of cookies from Billy the Doorman and I still haven't folded the clean laundry from yesterday -- currently residing in the storage unit of my stroller, since someone stole our hamper bag.

But it's strange. Having these types of days makes me feel like I'm really doing this thing. This mom thing. This love-your-baby-so-much-you-don't-care-she-just-pooped-in-your-hand thing. It's nutty and tiring and insane, but it's also kick ass and real.


  1. haha good job mama.

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  3. You can make it, Mama Amy! Keep up the good work. It will get easier!

    (How do I know? I have no idea as a non-Mama, but I hear it gets easier.)

  4. This post made me grin. And that picture? Priceless. The whole thing is just a big bundle of awesome. I'm very happy for you! Moms are the greatest. Especially new ones. :)


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