Monday, April 19, 2010


Holy s&*t I'm tired. Not a particularly tough day -- we even got a solid morning nap in! -- but it's the first day in a long while I haven't had an extra pair of hands around to help. See, Clay started his job this week -- so the ladies are winging it solo thru Thursday. I shouldn't even make a peep though, because if he hadn't quit the old job? This would have been our life every week. *choke*

It's our last week in SF and I'm in good spirits. Not that I won't miss some very specific people very much, but dunno -- I'm ready. As much as I talked a big game about 850 square feet being just fine for two big people and one little person, thankyouverymuch -- it's kinda not. At least when you don't have any outdoor space for spillage and there's only one main living space that we use for...everything. Tight quarters on a few hours sleep makes me psycho flustered.

In other news, I can't wa-ait to drop these last 5 or 6 pounds. Because I won't spend any cash on new duds until I'm there. I'm getting by with some baggy maternity clothes and weird inbetweeny  hobo-who-nurses outfits, so I'm desperate for some lovely items. Perhaps not "lovely", since everything I wear is covered in milk/poo/spitup within seconds, but maybe just flattering and cute? Mmmkah?

Speaking of which, check this shirt out. Clay's friend gifted it to Harps and I pretty much fainted at the sweetness of it all. Yes, that's a pink guitar that says her name inside. Hello.



    And I am super excited about the move, just to love vicariously through the experience of a new place, new home, new stores, etc.

  2. Hobo who nurses!! That's my style, too. Now I have a name for it. Thanks.

  3. god that pic kills me


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