Friday, April 30, 2010

Talking to a volleyball

So Clay's back in SF for a couple days, overseeing the big move. I'm eternally grateful that he's handling all that junky bi'ness and I'm cozy on a couch. However. It means I'm alone, hanging with a (super delicious albeit) completely speechless baldie in a new city. It's a wee bit...lonely?

I'm actually pretty good at hanging out solo -- I'm one of those strange outgoing introverts -- so things could be worse. But it's definitely time to start the making-new-friends process. I had Clay print me out a mommy group application and I'm all set to fill it out. However. There are somehow NO PENS to be found? Anywhere? Just a busted mechanical pencil? I'm thisclose to pricking my finger and using the blood. Cuz hey! I still have my diabetes kit!

Name: Amy Cowan
Child's name: Harper Cowan
Hobbies: SUcKInG YeR BLoODz

I'm in!


  1. You will TOTALLY get accepted and probably be the Belle of the Mommy Ball.

  2. Haaaaaaahahahahah! Oh you've been there for like 1 second, give yourself a couple more seconds and you'll be like all super friended!

    Snorted aloud at SUCKING YER BLOODZ!

  3. Hilarious! That group will be lucky to have you.

  4. Pens above the desk in hall.


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