Wednesday, April 14, 2010


We're moving.

To Colorado.

Denver, if you want to get all specific and stuff.

Today was Clay's last day at the old job. Monday is his first day at the new. A whole two days he gets off! Slacker.

I'm sad to leave behind good friends, an insanely beautiful city, and a chapter of my life where some amazing things happened. But I'm really excited to: have our main man at home, try something new, snag a bigger pad without paying two arms and two legs, enjoy all four seasons again, maybe buy a truck?

Pretty sure we're clinically insane for attempting such a big move in such a short time with such a small baby. But we're doing it! I've got a couple weeks left in town to wrap up loose ends, say goodbye to pals, and visit the mystery bookstore. Then we hop on a plane (psssh ain't no thang - we're pros!) and shack up in corporate housing till we find home sweet home.

Anyone in the mood to ski? Accepting visitor applications!


  1. Ooh! Congrats on the new job cc! :)

    Well great.. now I'm going to HAVE to come & visit Colorado because you aaaand Les are there. Not that Les wasn't reason enough to visit but now.. it's just.. wrong if I don't. ;p

    I hope you enjoy your last few weeks in the city! <3

  2. oh oh oh how very exciting!!!!! :) is the new job in the same field with the same company or is it something new/different? hoping he won't have to travel so much!

  3. OK, listen, Lady Ma'am, Denver is WAY more do-able than San Fran -- I'll be there in a jiff. ;)

    Seriously though, congratulations, CC, and can't wait to see what new adventures your move brings. When I first started reading, you had just moved into your current (?) apartment, and now you're off again! DUN DUN DUN.

  4. Oh noes, you are leaving all of us in San Francisco! But, I think you guys will be so happy there, wishing you all the best! Look forward to reading your Chronicles of Colorado :)

  5. thanks guys!!

    oh yes -- no more travel (or very little) for mr. clay. that's one of the main drivers for the move -- a much more normal schedule for the little fam. i'm psyched.

  6. wow, congrats on the new job. hope you have a smooth, stress-free move :)

  7. oooh, Denver... that's exciting!! It might be a difficult transition, but I'm sure that once you are settled in your new house, you will love your new city (and having your husband around). Change is tough... I'm freaking out about having to leave for the summer, but the only thing you can do is stay positive and hope for the best. Good luck!! xo


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