Saturday, April 24, 2010

Some San Francisco memories on our last night

Looking at this crazy view from our living room fort

Foggy evenings on Fillmore

The tea party at Ghiradelli Square with Meredyth and Christie

Hilly walks home from work with Mary Claire

Sitting, looking out the window on Broadway, trying to hear the tour busses

Reading and writing upstairs at La Boulange with chai

Spicy hot chocolates on cold summer nights at Bittersweet Cafe

My Crissy Field constitutionals

Up and down the hills on our Vespa

My baby shower/tea party at Lovejoy

Visiting all the Presidio cafes with mom before Harps was born

Chinese food and Idol Tuesdays with Manj

Billy the Doorman and all his complete awesomeness

The 555 California view

Swimming at the Y with my huge belly in my undies

Learning to snowboard in Tahoe together

The Saga of the Flickering Lights across from the old place

Rollerskating for Steve's birthday in Redwood City

Poke bowls with chopsticks

Zipping down the 101 in our GTI to pick up Clay from the airport on Thursdays

6th floor shenanigans at Goodby

Live scallops from Zushi Puzz

That pretzel/sausage sammy Manj and I discovered in Tahoe

My City College classes. Wow.

Our honeymoon: San Francisco up the coast to Vancouver

Picking out a mini Christmas tree together while it drizzled cold

Pumpkin picking in Half Moon Bay

Cozy bookclub evenings with my ladies

Delancey Street Cafe reuben lunches with the Ubs peeps

Walking around (and around and around) Lafayette Park with Harps in her sling

Dogsitting Kylie and Danni while eating 3 different kinds of Ben and Jerrys and mini apple pies

Baking Amy Sedaris's ginger snaps at our first lil apartment

Horseback riding with the boys

Watching Twin Peaks on our fuzzy brown couch
Our mini babymoon to Carmel

Strolling the Farmer's Market on Saturdays for dried lavender and olive bread

The insanely yummy smell of Method's stock closet

The #12 bus

Egg salad and lemonade lunch breaks in SOMA's South Park

Hours of Jordan, Jesse, Go! archives at my work desk

The smell of eucalyptus everywhere


  1. I'm pretty sure we won't include "packing up our apartments" on that list.

  2. I can't imagine leaving SF :( But you are starting a new adventure!!!

  3. Cindy C8:29 PM

    I think I would have been crying all the time if I had to write this post. I think you will fit right in with the wild west of Denver. Plus, a little closer to both grandmoms.
    Let us know when you land.

  4. waaaaaaaaaaah I miss you already.

    the flickering light mystery across the street from your old it! and the tea and scones and lovejoy.

    one more for you (and manj): going through the Bean Family's photos in Tahoe and piecing together their odd blended-family story.

    ah man, Inga and I are gonna miss you and Harps.

  5. I'm all verklempt. Talk amongst yourselves.


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